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stared at me, his eyes tense and angry. I realized we werent alone. Behind him stood four others; all tall and russet-skinned, black hair chopped short just like Jacobs. They could have been brothers–I couldnt even pick Embry out of the group. The resemblance was only intensified by the strikingly similar hostility in every pair of eyes. Every pair but one. The oldest by several years, Sam stood in the very back, his face serene and sure. I had to swallow back the bile that rose in my throat. I wanted to take a swing at him. No, I wanted to do more than that womens canada goose uk . More than anything, I wanted to be fierce and deadly, someo womens canada goose uk ne no one would dare mess with. Someone who would scare Sam Uley silly. I wanted to be a vampire. The violent desire caught me off guard and knocked the wind out of me. It

ached with worry. Lets go see Emily. You know shell have food waiting. Embry looked down at me. Mind giving us a ride? No problem, I choked. Jared raised one eyebrow. Maybe youd better drive, Embry. She still looks like she might hurl. Good idea. Where are the keys? Embry asked me. Ignition. Embry opened the passenger-side door. In you go, he said cheerfully, hauling me up from the ground with one hand and stuffing me into my seat. He appraised the available space. Youll have to ride in the back, he told Jared. Thats fine. I got a weak stomach. I dont want to be in there when she blows. I bet shes tougher th womens canada goose uk an that. She runs with vampires.Five bucks? Jared asked. Done. I feel guilty, taking your money like this. Embry got in and started the engine while Jare womens canada goose uk d leapt agilely into the bed. As

tunelessly to myself as I moved around the kitchen. While Thursdays casserole rotated in the microwave, I made up the couch with sheets and an old pillow. Alice wouldnt need it, but Charlie would need to see it. I was careful not to watch the clock. There was no reason to start myself panicking; Alice had promised. I hurried through my dinner, not tasting it–just feeling the ache as it slid down my raw throat. Mostly I was thirsty; I must have drunk a half gallon of water by the time I was finished. All the salt in my system had dehydrated me. I went to go try to watch TV while I waited. Alice was already there, sitting on her improvised bed. Her eyes were a liquid butterscotch. womens canada goose uk She smiled and patted the pillow. Thanks. Youre early, I said, elated. I sat down womens canada goose uk next to her and leaned my

him deeper into the alley, to avoid a scene. No reflected light found access to their skin; they were safe inside their cloaks. Edward didnt move an inch. He was dooming himself by protecting me. Abr womens canada goose uk uptly, Edwards head whipped around, toward the darkness of the winding alley, and Demetri and Felix did the same, in response to some sound or movement too subtle for my senses. Lets behave ourselves, shall we? a lilting voice suggested. There are ladies present. Alice tripped lightly to Edwards side, womens canada goose uk her stance casual. There was no hint of any underlying tension. She looked so tiny, so fragile. Her little arms swung like a childs. Yet Demetri and Felix both straightened up, their cloaks swirling slightly as a gust of wind funneled through the alley. Felixs face soured. Apparently, they didnt

spoke through them. Really? he asked. Then what would be your greatest problem? That would make Victorias returning for you seem like such an inconsequential matter in comparison? How about the second greatest? I hedged. All right, he agreed, suspicious. I paused. I wasnt sure womens canada goose uk I could say the name. There are others who are coming to look for me, I reminded him in a subdued whisper. He sighed, but the reaction was not as stron womens canada goose uk g as I would have imagined after his response to Victoria. The Volturi are only the second greatest? You dont seem that upset about it, I noted. Well, we have plenty of time to think it through. Time means something very different to them than it does to you, or even me. They count years the way you count days. I wouldnt be surprised if you were thirty before you

where youre going to school? Edward smiled up at Charlie and his voice was friendly. Not yet. Ive received a few acceptance letters, but Im still weighing my options. Where hav womens canada goose uk e you been accepted? Charlie pressed. Syracuse . . . Harvard . . . womens canada goose uk Dartmouth . . . and I just got accepted to the University of Alaska Southeast today. Edward turned his face slightly to the side so that he could wink at me. I stifled a giggle. Harvard? Dartmouth? Charlie mumbled, unable to conceal his awe. Well thats pretty . . . thats something. Yeah, but the University of Alaska . . . you wouldnt really consider that when you could go Ivy League. I mean, your father would want you to . . . Carlisles always fine with whatever I choose to do, Edward told him serenely. Hmph. Guess what, Edward? I asked in a bright

grinned, and Edward winced again. Stop it! Whatever youre doing. womens canada goose uk Sure, if you want. Jacob shrugged. Its his own womens canada goose uk fault if he doesnt like the things I remember, though. I glared at him, and he smiled back impishly - like a kid caught doing something he knows he shouldnt by someone who he knows wont punish him. The principals on his way to discourage loitering on school property, Edward murmured to me. Lets get to English, Bella, so youre not involved. Overprotective, isnt he? Jacob said, talking just to me. A little trouble makes life fun. Let me guess, youre not allowed to have fun, are you? Edward glowered, and his lips pulled back from his teeth ever so slightly. Shut up, Jake, I said. Jacob laughed. That sounds like a no. Hey, if you ever feel like having a life again, you could come see

do you want to stay up? she asked when my toenails were glistening a bloody red. Her enthusiasm remained untouched by my mood. I dont want to stay up. We have school in the morning. She pouted. Where am I supposed to sleep, anyway? I measured the couch with my eyes. It was a little short. Cant you just keep me under surveillance at my house? What kind of a slumber party would that be? Alice shook her head in exasperation. Youre sleeping in Edwards room. I sighed. His black leather sofa was longer than this one. Actually, the gold carpet in his room was probably th womens canada goose uk ick enough that the floor wouldnt be half bad either. Can I go back to my place to get my things, at least? She grinned. Already taken care of. Am I allowed to use your phone? Charlie knows where you are. I wasnt going to womens canada goose uk call