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ridiculous size, he looked very young now, and very weary. Pity shook me. I stepped back out, and shut the door quietly behind me. Billy stared with curious, guarded eyes as I walked slowly back into the front room. I think Ill let him get some rest. Billy nodded, and then we gazed at each other for a minute. I was dying to ask him about his part in this. What did he think of what his son had become? But I knew how hed supported Sam from the very beginning, and so I supposed the murders must not bother him. How he justified that to himself I couldnt imagine. I could see many questions for me in his dark eyes, but he didnt voice them e rideau parka canada goose ither. Look, I said, breaking the rideau parka canada goose loud silence. Ill be down at the beach for a while. When he wakes up, tell him Im waiting for him, okay? Sure, sure, Billy

clear my throat–and then winced; the throat-clearing felt like stabbing a knife down there. What happened today? Did you… find her? It was my turn to shudder, though I wasnt so cold here, right next to his ridiculous body heat. Jacob shook his head. He was still more running than walking as he headed up the road to his house. No. She took off into the water–the bloodsuckers have the advantage the rideau parka canada goose re. Thats why I raced home–I was afraid she was going to double back swimming. You spend so much time on the beach… He trailed off, a catch in his throat. Sam came back with you… is everyone else home, too? I hoped they werent still out searching for her. Ye rideau parka canada goose ah. Sort of. I tried to read his expression, squinting into the hammering rain. His eyes were tight with worry or pain. The words that

step in before it can compromise them, or the rest of us. So Edward… Is planning to flout that in their own city–the city theyve secretly held for three tho rideau parka canada goose usand years, since the time of the Etruscans. They are so protective of their rideau parka canada goose city that they dont allow hunting within its walls. Volterra is probably the safest city in the world–from vampire attack at the very least. But you said they didnt leave. How do they eat? They dont leave. They bring in their food from the outside, from quite far away sometimes. It gives their guard something to do when theyre not out annihilating mavericks. Or protecting Volterra from exposure…From situations like this one, like Edward, I finished her sentence. It was amazingly easy to say his name now. I wasnt sure what the difference was. Maybe because

by the dashboard controls, but it was enough that I could see his face. He pressed his lips to the hollow under my ear. Try, he encouraged. I shook my rideau parka canada goose head. He sighed. Youre still just as stubborn. I was stubborn; I fought with my heavy lids, and I won. The dark road was the hardest part; the bright lights at the airport in Florence made it easier, as did the chance rideau parka canada goose to brush my teeth and change into clean clothes; Alice bought Edward new clothes, too, and he left the dark cloak on a pile of trash in an alley. The plane trip to Rome was so short that there wasnt really a chance for the fatigue to drag me under. I knew the flight from Rome to Atlanta would be another matter entirely, so I asked the flight attendant if she could bring me a Coke. Bella, Edward said disapprovingly. He knew my

teeth. So you must already know why Im here. Yes, Edward agreed in a soft voice. But, before y rideau parka canada goose ou begin, I need to say something. Jacob waited, clenching and unclenching his hands as he tried to control the shivers rolling down his arms. Thank you, Edward said, and his voice throbbed with the depth of his sincerity. I will never be able to tell you how grateful I am. I will owe you for the rest of my… existence. Jacob stared at him blankly, his shudders stilled by surprise. He exchanged a quick glance with me, but my face was just as mystified. For keeping Bella alive, Edward clarified, his voice rough and fervent. When I… didnt. Edward–, I started to say, but he held one hand up, his eyes rideau parka canada goose on Jacob. Understanding washed over Jacobs face before the hard mask returned. I didnt do it for

Charlie called, sinking that plan. My feet dragged as I took the five necessary steps. Whats up, Dad? Did you have a nice time tonight? he asked. He seemed ill at ease. I looked for hidden meanings in his words before I answered. Yes, I said hesitantly. What did you do? I shrugged. Hung out with Alice and Jasper. Edward beat Alice at chess, and then I rideau parka canada goose played Jasper. He buried me. I smiled. Edward and Alice playing chess was one of the funniest things Id ever seen. Theyd sat the rideau parka canada goose re nearly motionless, staring at the board, while Alice foresaw the moves he would make and he picked the moves she would make in return out of her head. They played most of the game in their minds; I think theyd each moved two pawns when Alice suddenly flicked her king over and surrendered. It took all of three

wasnt really safe for him to be around her - but he cheated, just like I did with you. Leah was furious that he wouldnt tell her what was going on - where hed been, where he went at night, why he was always so exhausted - but they were working it out. They were trying. They really loved each other. Did she find out? Is that what happened? He shook his head. No, that wasnt the problem. Her cousin, Emily Young, came down from the Makah reservation to visit her one weekend. I gasped. Emily is Leahs cousin? Second cousins. Theyre close, tho rideau parka canada goose ugh. They were like sisters when they were kids. Thats . . . horrible. How could Sam . . . ? I trail rideau parka canada goose ed off, shaking my head. Dont judge him just yet. Did anyone ever tell you . . . Have you ever heard of imprinting ? Imprinting? I repeated the unfamiliar

long as you want, he whispered against my lips. His fingers knotted in my hair. My breath was becoming uneven. Maybe in the morning. Whatever you prefer. Welcome home, I said while his cold lips pressed under my jaw. Im glad you came back. Thats a very good thing. Mmm, I agreed, tightening my arms around his neck. His hand curved around my elbow, moving slowly down my arm, across my ribs and over my waist, tracing along my hip and down my leg, around m rideau parka canada goose y knee. He paused there, his hand curling around my calf. He pulled my rideau parka canada goose leg up suddenly, hitching it around his hip. I stopped breathing. This wasnt the kind of thing he usually allowed. Despite his cold hands, I felt suddenly warm. His lips moved in the hollow at the base of my throat. Not to bring on the ire prematurely, he whispered, but do