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leaving his face pale white like bone. His eyes turned gold, and then crimson, and then back to gold mens canada goose again. His shorn hair twisted in the breeze, turning bronze where the wind touched it. And his face became so beautiful that it shattered my heart. I reached for him, but he took a step away, raising his hands like a shield. And then Edward vanished. I wasnt sure, when I woke in the dark, if Id just begun crying, or if my tears had run while I slept and simply continued now. I stared at my dark ceiling. I could feel that it was the middle of the night–I was still half-asleep, maybe more than half. I closed my eyes wearily and prayed for a dreamless sleep. Thats when I heard the noise that must have wakened me in the first place. Something sharp scraped along the length of my window mens canada goose with a

my time with Jacob, though. Hes my best friend. Mikes eyes narrowed shrewdly. Dont kid yourself, Bella. The guys head over heels for you. I know, I sighed. Life is complicated. And girls are cruel, Mike said under his breath. I supposed that was an easy assumption to make, too. That night, Sam and Emily joined Charlie and me for dessert at Billys house. Emily brought a cake that would have won over a harder man than Charlie. I could see, as the conversation flowed naturally through a range of casual subjects, that any worries Charlie might have mens canada goose harbored about gangs in La Push were being dissolved. Jake and I skipped out early, to get mens canada goose some privacy. We went out to his garage and sat in the Rabbit. Jacob leaned his head back, his face drawn with exhaustion. You need some sleep, Jake. Ill get

to see how much this hurt. I knew I wasnt being fair. After all, Id picked the bloodsucker over him last night. Id hurt him first. He took a deep breath, and his trembling fingers were suddenly still. His face smoothed into a serene mask. One of the Cullens is staying here with you, he stated. Yes. Alice Cullen. He nodded thoughtfully. How long is she here for? As long as she wants to be. The belligerence was sti mens canada goose ll there in my tone. Its an open invi mens canada goose tation. Do you think you could… please… explain to her about the other one–Victoria? I paled. I told her about that. He nodded. You should know that we can only watch our own lands with a Cullen here. Youll only be safe in La Push. I cant protect you here anymore.Okay, I said in a small voice. He looked away then, out the back windows. He

hear from a distance… Aro sighed, gesturing toward the two of them, and the exchange that had just taken place. That would be so convenient. Aro looked over our shoulders. All the other heads turned in the same direction, including Jane, Alec, and Demetri, who stood silently beside us. I was the slowest to turn. Felix was back, and behind him floated two more black-robed men. Both looked very much like Aro, one even had the same flowing black hair. The other had a shock of snow-white hair–the same shade as his face–that brushed against his shoulders. Their faces had identical, p mens canada goose aper-thin skin. The trio from Carlisles painting was comple mens canada goose te, unchanged by the last three hundred years since it was painted. Marcus, Caius, look! Aro crooned. Bella is alive after all, and Alice is here with

overconfident, and with good reason. When they decide to find someone, its not really a problem. Do you remember Demetri? He glanced down at me. I shuddered. He took that as a yes. He finds people–thats his talent, why they keep him. Now, the whole time we were with any of them, I was picking their brains for anything that might save us, getting as much information as possible. So I saw how Demetris tal mens canada goose ent works. Hes a tracker–a tracker a thousand times mens canada goose more gifted than Jarres was. His ability is loosely related to what I do, or what Aro does. He catches the… flavor? I dont know how to describe it… the tenor… of someones mind, and then he follows that. It works over immense distances. But after Aros little experiments, well… Edward shrugged. You think he wont be able to find me, I

my hand against his cold face and waited un mens canada goose til he sighed and opened his eyes.You were just trying to do th mens canada goose e right thing. And Im sure it would have worked with anyone less mental than me. Besides, youre here now. Thats the part that matters. If Id never left, you wouldnt feel the need to go risk your life to comfort a dog . I flinched. I was used to Jacob and all his derogatory slurs -bloodsucker, leech, parasite . . . . Somehow it sounded harsher in Edwards velvet voice. I dont know how to phrase this properly, Edward said, and his tone was bleak. Its going to sound cruel, I suppose. But Ive come too close to losing you in the past. I know what it feels like to think I have. I am not going to tolerate anything dangerous. You have to trust me on this. Ill be fine. His face was pained again.

business today. Mike and I can probably handle things. Im sorry you got up and drove out. . . . On a normal day, I would be ecstatic with this turn of events. Today . . . not so much. Okay, I sighed. My shoulders slumped. Wha mens canada goose t was I going to do now? Thats not fair, Mom, Mike said. If mens canada goose Bella wants to work - No, its okay, Mrs. Newton. Really, Mike. Ive got finals to study for and stuff. . . . I didnt want to be a source of familial discord when they were already arguing. Thanks, Bella. Mike, you missed aisle four. Um, Bella, do you mind throwing these flyers in a Dumpster on the way out? I told the girl who left them here that Id put them on the counter, but I really dont have the room. Sure, no problem. I put my vest away, and then tucked the flyers under my arm and headed out into the misty

apologized each time I screamed. Edward wasnt happy. I remember hearing them discuss me. I stopped screaming sometimes. It did no good to scream.What were you thinking, Carlisle? Edward said. Rosalie Hale? Rosalie imitated Edwards irritated tone to perfection. I didnt like the way he said my name, like the mens canada goose re was something wrong with me. I couldnt just let her die, Carlisle said quietly. It was too much - too horrible, too much waste. I know, Edward said, and I mens canada goose thought he sounded dismissive. It angered me. I didnt know then that he really could see exactly what Carlisle had seen. It was too much waste. I couldnt leave her, Carlisle repeated in a whisper. Of course you couldnt, Esme agreed. People die all the time, Edward reminded him in a hard voice. Dont you think shes just a little