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slight emphasis on the past tense. But you dont need friends anymore, I said sourly. You have Sam. Isnt that nice–youve always looked up to him so much. I didnt understand him before. And now youve seen the light. Hallelujah.It wasnt like I thought it was. This isnt Sams fault. Hes helping me as much as he can. His voice turned brittle and he looked over my head, past me, rage burning out from his eyes. Hes helping you, I repeated dubiously. Naturally. But Jacob didnt seem to be listening. He wa mens canada goose chateau parka s taking deep, deliberate breaths, trying to calm himself. He was so mad that his hands were shaking. Jacob, please, I whispered Wont you t mens canada goose chateau parka ell me what happened? Maybe I can help. No one can help me now. The words were a low moan; his voice broke. What did he do to you? I demanded, tears collecting

side of her face was scarred from hairline to chin by three thick, red lines, livid in color though they were long healed. One line pulled down the corner of her dark, almond-shaped right eye, another twisted the right side of her mouth into a permanent grimace. Thankful for Embrys warning, I quickly turned my eyes to the mens canada goose chateau parka muffins in her hands. They smelled wonderful–like mens canada goose chateau parka fresh blueberries.Oh, Emily said, surprised. Whos this? I looked up, trying to focus on the left half of her face. Bella Swan, Jared told her, shrugging. Apparently, Id been a topic of conversation before. Who else? Leave it to Jacob to find a way around, Emily murmured. She stared at me, and neither half of her once-beautiful face was friendly. So, youre the vampire girl. I stiffened. Yes. Are you the wolf girl? She

when he gets back. You wont tell him, though… when he checks in again? I as mens canada goose chateau parka ked. She mens canada goose chateau parka knew I didnt mean Carlisle now. No. Hed bite my head off, Alice said grimly. I laughed once, and then sighed. I didnt want to sleep. I wanted to stay up all night talking to Alice. And it didnt make sense for me to be tired, what with crashing on Jacobs couch all day. But drowning really had taken a lot out of me, and my eyes wouldnt stay open. I rested my head on her stone shoulder, and drifted into a more peaceful oblivion than I had any hope of. I woke early, from a deep and dreamless sleep, feeling well-rested, but stiff. I was on the couch tucked under the blankets Id laid out for Alice, and I could hear her and Charlie talking in the kitchen. It sounded like Charlie was fixing her breakfast. How bad

was a loose curve to the alley, still slanting downward, so I didnt see the squared-off dead end coming until we reached the flat, windowless, brick face. The little one called Jane was nowhere to be seen. Alice didnt hesitate, didn mens canada goose chateau parka t break pace as she strode toward the wall. Then, with easy grace, she slid down an open hole in the street. It looked like a drain, sunk into the lowest point of the paving. I hadnt noticed it until Alice disappeared, but the grate was halfway pushed aside. The hole was small, and black. I balked. It mens canada goose chateau parka s all right, Bella, Edward said in a low voice. Alice will catch you. I eyed the hole doubtfully. I imagine he would have gone first, if Demetri and Felix hadnt been waiting, smug and silent, behind us.I crouched down, swinging my legs into the narrow gap. Alice? I

idea hurt him, tho mens canada goose chateau parka ugh he tried not to show it. No, I told him. Im leaving. He watched me suspiciously as I climbed out of the bed and fumbled around mens canada goose chateau parka in the dark room, looking for my shoes. May I ask where you are going. he asked. Im going to your house, I told him, still feeling around blindly. He got up and came to my side. Here are your shoes. How did you plan to get there? My truck. That will probably wake Charlie, he offered as a deterrent. I sighed. I know. But honestly, Ill be grounded for weeks as it is. How much more trouble can I really get in? None. Hell blame me, not you. If you have a better idea, Im all ears. Stay here, he suggested, but his expression wasnt hopeful. No dice. But you go ahead and make yourself at home, I encouraged, surprised at how natural my teasing sounded,

some enormous bribe. Or was that part of the loan? The new Cullen wing of the library? Ugh. Why are we having this discussion again? Will you just fill out the application, please, Bella? It wont hurt you to apply. My jaw flexed. You know what? I dont think I will. I reached for the papers, planning to crumple them into a suitable shape for lobbing at the trashcan, but they were already gone. I stared at the empty table for a moment, and then at Edward. He didnt a mens canada goose chateau parka ppear to have moved, but the application was probably already tucked away in his jacket. What are you doing? I demanded. I sign your name better than you do yourself. Youve already written the essay mens canada goose chateau parka s. Youre going way overboard with this, you know. I whispered on the off chance that Charlie wasnt completely lost in his game. I

kicked it to a start right there on the sidewalk. The engine snarled and then the tires squealed as he spun it sharply around. In a matter of seconds, Jacob raced out of sight. Mr. Greene gnashed his teeth t mens canada goose chateau parka ogether while he watched the performance. Mr. Cullen, I expect you to ask your friend to refrain from trespassing again. Hes no friend of mine, Mr. Greene, but Ill pass along the warning. Mr. Greene pursed his lips. Edwards perfect grades and spotless record were clearly a factor in Mr. Greenes assessment of the incident. I see. If youre worried about any trouble, Id be happy to - Theres nothing to worry about, Mr. Greene. There wont be any trouble. I hope thats correct. Well, then. On to class. You, too, Miss Swan. Edward nodded, and mens canada goose chateau parka pulled me quickly along toward the English building.

stereo shoved up against the vast shelves of CDs - to make room for the colossal bed that now dominated the central space. The southern wall of glass reflected the scene back like a mirror, makin mens canada goose chateau parka g it look twice as bad. It matched. The coverlet was a dull gold, just lighter than the walls; the frame was black, made of intricately patterned wrought iron. Sculpted metal roses wound in vines up the tall posts and formed a bowery lattice overhead. My pajamas were folded neatly on the foot of the bed, my bag of toiletries to one side. What the hell is all this? I spluttered. You didnt really think he would make you sleep on the couch, did you? I mumbled unintelligibly as I stalked forward to snatch my things off mens canada goose chateau parka the bed. Ill give you some privacy, Alice laughed. See you in the morning. After my