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if the noise had woken Charlie. A short moment of silence passed, and then we heard the muffled sound of Charlies snore. A wide grin spread slowly across Jacobs face; he seemed extremely pleased with himself. It wasnt the grin that I knew and loved–it was a new grin, one that was a bitter mockery of his old sincerity, on the new face that belonged to Sam. That was a bit much for me. Id cried myself to sleep over this boy. His harsh rejection had punched a painful new hole in what was left of my chest. Hed left a new nightmare behind him, like an coat canada goose infection in a sore–the insult after the injury. And now he was here in my room, smirking at me as if none of that had passed. coat canada goose Worse than that, even though his arrival had been noisy and awkward, it reminded me of when Edward used to sneak in

nobody should. Like Im a monster who might hurt somebody. Youve seen Emily. Sam lost control of his temper for just one second… and she was standing too close. And now theres nothing he can ever do to put it right again. I hear his thoughts–I know what that feels like… Who wants to be a nightmare, a monster? And then, the way it comes so easily to m coat canada goose e, the way Im better at it than the rest of them–does that make me even less human than Enbry or Sam? Sometimes Im afraid that Im losing myself. Is it hard? To find yourself again? At first, he coat canada goose said. It takes some practice to phase back and forth. But its easier tor me. Why? I wondered. Because Ephraim Black was my fathers grandfather, and Quil Ateara was my mothers grandfather. Quil? I asked in confusion. His great-grandfather, Jacob

my voice not hiding an ounce of the hurt I felt. He shook his head slowly. No, I dont think you can. I sniffed and stared at his big feet. But youll wait, right? Youll still be my friend, even though I love Alice, too? I didnt look up, afraid to see what hed think of that last part. It took him a minute to answer, so I was probably right not to look. Yeah, Ill always be your friend, he said gruffly. No matter what you love. Promise? Promise. I felt his arms wind around me, and I l coat canada goose eaned against his chest, still sniffling. This sucks. Yeah. Then he sniffed my hair and said, Ew. What? I demanded. I looked up to see that his nose was wrinkled again. Why does everyone keep doing coat canada goose that to me? I dont smell! He smiled a little. Yes, you do–you smell like them. Blech. Too sweet–sickly sweet. And…

much for such a gift, and yet you… Waste it, Edward finished, his voice sarcastic now. Aro laughed again. Ah, how I miss my friend Carlisle! You remind me of him–only he was not so angry. Carlisle outshines me in many other ways as well. I certainly never thought to see Carlisle bested for self-control of all things, but you put him to shame. Hardly. Edward sounded impatient. As if he were tired o coat canada goose f the preliminaries. It made me more afraid; I couldnt help but try to imagine what he expected would follow. I am gratified by his success, Aro mused. Your memories of him are quite a gift for me, though they astonish me exceedingly. I am surprised by how it… pleases me, his suc coat canada goose cess in this unorthodox path hes chosen. I expected that he would waste, weaken with time. Id scoffed at his plan to

from his teeth. Its the only way that makes sense, Carlisle insisted. Youve chosen not to live without her, and that doesnt leave me a choice. Edward dropped my hand, shoving away from the table. He sta coat canada goose lked out of the room, snarling under his breath. I guess you know my vote. Carlisle sighed. I was still staring after Edward. Thanks, I mumbled. An earsplitting crash echoed from the other room. I flinched, and spoke quickly. Thats all I needed. Thank you. For wanting to keep me. I feel exactly the same way about all of you, too. My voice was jagged with emotion by the end. Esme was at my side in a flash, her cold arms around me. Dearest Bella, coat canada goose she breathed. I hugged her back. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Rosalie looking down at the table, and I realized that my words could be

give the other students. Actually, I felt nervous to the point of nausea whenever I thought of it. I tried to not think of it. But it was hard to escape such an omnipresent topic as graduation. Have you sent your announcements, yet? Angela asked when Edward and I sat down at our table. She had her light brown hair pulled back into a sloppy ponytail instead of her usual smooth hairdo, and there was a sl coat canada goose ightly frantic look about her eyes. Alice and Ben were already there, too, on either side of Angela. Ben was intent over a comic book, his glasses sliding down his narrow nose. Alice was scrutinizing my bori coat canada goose ng jeans-and-a-t-shirt outfit in a way that made me self-conscious. Probably plotting another makeover. I sighed. My indifferent attitude to fashion was a constant thorn in her side. If Id

I heard him gasp. Bella? Hey, Jake! Bella! he yelled back, and the smile Id been waiting for stretched across his face like the sun breaking free of the clouds. His teeth gleamed bright against his russet skin. I cant believe it! He ran to the truck and half-yanked me through the open door, and then we were both jumping up and down like kids.How did you get here? I snuck out! Awesome! Hey, Bella! Billy had rol coat canada goose led himself into the doorway to see what all the commotion was about. Hey, Bil -! Just then my air choked off - Jacob grabbed me up in a bear hug too tight to breathe and swung me around in a circle. Wow, its good to see you here! Cant coat canada goose . . . breathe, I gasped. He laughed and put me down. Welcome back, Bella, he said, grinning. And the way he said the words made it sound like welcome

him. Oops - seven murders, she corrected herself. I forgot about his coat canada goose guards. They only took a second coat canada goose . I was overly theatrical. It was kind of childish, really. I wore a wedding dress Id stolen for the occasion. He screamed when he saw me. He screamed a lot that night. Saving him for last was a good idea - it made it easier for me to control myself, to make it slower - She broke off suddenly, and she glanced down at me. Im sorry, she said in a chagrined voice. Im frightening you, arent I? Im fine, I lied. I got carried away. Dont worry about it. Im surprised Edward didnt tell you more about it. He doesnt like to tell other peoples stories - he feels like hes betraying confidences, because he hears so much more than just the parts they mean for him to hear. She smiled and shook her head. I