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this was all essent canada goose youth ially voluntary. I protected the Cullens secret out of love; unrequited, but true. For Jacob, it didnt seem to be that way. Isnt there any way for you to get free? I whispered, touching the rough edge at the back of his shorn hair. His hands began to tremble, but he didnt open his eyes. No. Im in this for life. A life sentence. A bleak laugh. Longer, maybe. No, Jake, I moaned. What if we ran away? Just you and me. What if we left home, and left Sam behind? Its not something I can run away from, Bella, he whispered. I would run with you, though, if I could. His shoulders were sha canada goose youth king now, too. He took a deep breath. Look, Ive got to leave. Why? For one thing, you look like youre going to pass out at any second. You need your sleep–I need you firing on all pistons. Youre

inviting, and, from this angle, the cliffs looked even higher than before. But it had been days since Id heard Edwards voice. That was probably part of the problem. I was addicted to the sound canada goose youth of my delusions. It made things worse if I went too long without them. Jumping off a cliff was certain to remedy that situation. Sure, Im up for it. Fun. Its a date, he said, and draped his arm around my shoulders. Okay canada goose youth –now lets go get you some sleep. I didnt like the way the circles under his eyes were beginning to look permanently etched onto his skin. I woke early the next morning and snuck a change of clothes out to the truck. I had a feeling that Charlie would approve of todays plan just about as much as he would approve of the motorcycle. The idea of a distraction from all my worries had me

face me. Alice, I blurted out quickly. I couldnt let her speak yet. I needed a few more seconds before she spoke and her words destroyed what was left of my life. Alice, Carlisle is back, though. He called just before… She stared at me blankly. How long ago? she asked in a hollow voice.Half a minute before you showed up. What did he say? She really focused now, wait canada goose youth ing for my answer. I didnt talk to him. My eyes flickered to Jacob. Alice turned her penetrating gaze on him. He flinched, but held his place next to me. He sit awkwardly, almost as if he were trying to shield me with his body. He asked for Charlie, and I told him Charlie wasnt here, Jacob m canada goose youth uttered resentfully. Is that everything? Alice demanded, her voice like ice. Then he hung up on me, Jacob spit back. A tremor rolled down

your charade here, as well, Edward reminded him, and I thought of the pretty receptionist below. Caiuss face twisted into a new expression. Was it supposed to be a smiled. Yes, he agreed. But when they are no longer useful to us, they will serve to sustain us. That is not your plan for this one. If she betrays our secrets, are you prepared to destroy her? I think not, he scoffed. I wo canada goose youth uldnt–, I began, still whispering. Caius silenced me with an icy look. Nor do you intend to make her one of us, Caius continued. Therefore, she is a vulnerabil canada goose youth ity. Though it is true, for this, only her life is forfeit. You may leave if you wish.Edward bared his teeth. Thats what I thought, Caius said, with something akin to pleasure. Felix leaned forward, eager. Unless… Aro interrupted. He looked unhappy

like this condition. Fine. Ill have Carlisle do it when I graduate. If thats what you really want. He shrugged, and his smile became absolutel canada goose youth y angelic. Youre impossible, I groaned. A monster. He chuckled. Is that why you wont marry me? I groaned again. He leaned toward me; his night-dark eyes melted and smoldered and shattered my concentration. Please, Bella? he breathed. I forgot how to breathe for a moment. When I recovered, I shook my head quickly, trying to clear my suddenly clouded mind. Woul canada goose youth d this have gone better if I d had time to get a ring. No! No rings! I very nearly snouted. Now youve done it, he whispered. Oops. Charlies getting up; Id better leave, Edward said with resignation. My heart stopped beating. He gauged my expression for a second. Would it be childish of me to hide

house. Light homework load tonight, he commented. Mmm, I assented. Do you suppose Im allowed insid canada goose youth e again? Charlie didnt throw a fit when you picked me up for school. But I was sure Charlie was going to turn sulky fast when he got home and found Edward here. Maybe I should make something extra-special for dinner. Inside, I headed up the stairs, and Edward followed. He lounged on my bed and gazed out the window, seeming oblivious to my edginess. I stowed my bag and turned the computer on. There was an unanswered e-mail from my mom to attend to, canada goose youth and she got panicky when I took too long. I drummed my fingers as I waited for my decrepit computer to wheeze awake; they snapped against the desk, staccato and anxious. And then his fingers were on mine, holding them still. Are we a little impatient

But even though we knew what he was doing, we couldnt not be calm.Yeah, I know how it feels. Really annoying, thats how it feels. Only you cant be annoyed until afterwards. He shook his head angrily. So Sam and the head vamp agreed that Victoria was the priority, and we started after her again. Carlisle gave us the line, so that we could follow the scent properly, but then she hit the cliffs just north of Makah country, right where the line hugs the coast for a few miles. She took off into the water again. The big one and the calm canada goose youth one wanted permission to cross the line to go after her, but canada goose youth of course we said no. Good. I mean, you were being stupid, but Im glad. Emmetts never cautious enough. He could have gotten hurt. Jacob snorted. So did your vampire tell you we attacked for no reason

over the engines roar. I was frozen for a second before I understood. I looked at Mike quickly. I knew I only had seconds. How far would Alice go to restrain me in public? I got really sick and went home, okay? I said to Mike, my voice filled with sudden excitement. Fine, he muttered. I pecked Mike swiftly on the cheek. Thanks, Mike. I owe you one! I called as I sprinted away. Jacob revved his engine, grinning. I jump canada goose youth ed on the back of his seat, wrapping my arms tightly a canada goose youth round his waist. I caught sight of Alice, frozen at the edge of the cafeteria, her eyes sparking with fury, her lip curled back over her teeth. I shot her one pleading glance. Then we were racing across the blacktop so fast that my stomach got lost somewhere behind me. Hold on, Jacob shouted.I hid my face in his back as he