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wouldnt call them that. He laughed. Whatever. The Cullens, then? Just… just Edward. I pulled one arm surreptitiously around my torso. Jacob looked surprised–unpleasantly so. I thought those were just stories. Ive heard legends about vampires who could do… extra stuff, but I thought that was just a myth. Is anything just a myth anym canada goose womens ore? I asked him wryly. He scowled. Guess not. Okay, were going to meet Sam and the oth canada goose womens ers at the place we go to ride our bikes. I started the truck and headed back up the road. So did you just turn into a wolf now, to talk to Sam? I asked, curious. Jacob nodded, seeming embarrassed. I kept it real short–I tried not to think about you so they wouldnt know what was going on. I was afraid Sam would tell me I couldnt bring you. That wouldnt have stopped me. I

into her. Id forgotten how hard she was; it was like running headlong into a wall of cement. Bella? There was a strange mingling of relief and confusion in her voice. I locked my arms around her, gasping to inhale as much of the scent of her skin as possible. It wasnt like anything else–not floral or spice, citrus or musk. No perfume in the world could compare. My memory hadnt done it justice. I didnt notice when the gasping turned into something else–I only realized I was sobbing when Alice dragged me to the living room couch and pulled me into her lap. It was like curling up into a cool stone, but a stone that was contoured comfortingly to the shape of my body. She rubbed my back in a gentle rhythm, waiting for me to get control of myse canada goose womens lf. Im… sorry, I blubbered. canada goose womens Im just… so happy…

hinted, stil canada goose womens l smiling.The guard blinked twice, and then shoved the money inside his vest. He took a step away from the window and waved us on. None of the passing people seemed to notice the quiet exchange. Alice drove into the city, and we both sighed in relief. The street was very narrow, cobbled with the same color stones as the faded cinnamon brown buildings that darkened the street with their shade. It ha canada goose womens d the feel of an alleyway. Red flags decorated the walls, spaced only a few yards apart, flapping in the wind that whistled through the narrow lane. It was crowded, and the foot traffic slowed our progress. Just a little farther, Alice encouraged me; I was gripping the door handle, ready to throw myself into the street as soon as she spoke the word. She drove in quick spurts and

seem to be under a misapprehension. He closed his eyes, shaking his head back and forth with half a smile on his beautiful face. It wasnt a happy smile. I thought Id explained it clearly before. Bella canada goose womens , I cant live in a world where you dont exist. I am… My head s canada goose womens wam as I looked for the appropriate word. Confused. That worked. I couldnt make sense of what he was saying. He stared deep into my eyes with his sincere, earnest gaze. Im a good liar, Bella, I have to be. I froze, my muscles locking down as if for impact. The fault line in my chest rippled; the pain of it took my breath away. He shook my shoulder, trying to loosen my rigid pose. Let me finish! Im a good liar, but still, for you to believe me so quickly. He winced. That was… excruciating. I waited, still frozen. When we were in

finger. Conditionally. The enthusiasm vanished. Fantastic, I groaned. Bella, this is more of a request than a demand, okay? Youre free. But Im hoping youll use that freedom . . . judiciously. What does that mean? He sighed again. I know youre satisfied to spend all of your time with Edward - I spend time with Alice, too, I interjected. Edwards sister had no hours of visitation; she came and went as she pleased. Charlie was putty in her capable hands. Thats true, he said. But canada goose womens you have other friends besides the Cullens, Bella. Or yo canada goose womens u used to. We stared at each other for a long moment. When was the last time you spoke to Angela Weber? he threw at me. Friday at lunch, I answered immediately. Before Edwards return, my school friends had polarized into two groups. I liked to think of those

through the fridge, assembling ingredients for Charlies dinner. Edward leaned against the counter, and I was distantly aware that his eyes were on my face, but too preoccupied to worry about what he saw there. The school thing seemed like the key to me. That was the only real question Jake had asked. And he had to be after an answer to something, or he wouldnt have been bugging Charlie so persistently. Why would my at canada goose womens tendance record matter to him, though? I tried to think about it in a logical way. So, if I hadnt been going to school tomorrow, what would be the problem with that, from Jacobs perspective? Charlie had given me a little grief about missing a day of school so close to finals, but Id convinced him that one Friday wasnt going to derail my studies. Jake would hardly care canada goose womens about

changed my perspective on life. And Edward? Though his name set butterflies fluttering in my stomach, I looked up and grinned at her. Alaskas not too cold for Edward, either. She grinned back. canada goose womens Of course not. And then she sighed. Its so far. You wont be able to come home very often. Ill miss you. Will you e-mail me? A swell of quiet sadness crashed over me; maybe it was a mistake to get closer to Angela now. But wouldnt it be sadder still to miss out on these last chances? I shook off the unhappy thoughts, so that I could answer her teasingly. If I can type again after this. I nodded toward the stack of envelopes Id done. We laughed, and it was easy then to chat cheerfully about classes and majors while we finished the rest - al canada goose womens l I had to do was not think about it. Anyway, there were more

scent. He might have b canada goose womens een from the Volturi, someone Ive never met. . . . Alice shook her head. Aro hasnt asked anyone to look for her yet. Iwill see that. Im waiting for it. Edwards head snapped up. Youre watching for an official command. You think someones acting on their own? Why? Caiuss idea, Edward suggested, his face tightening again. Or Janes . . . , Alice said. They both have the resources to send an unfamiliar face. . . . Edward scowled. And the motivation canada goose womens . It doesnt make sense, though, Esme said. If whoever it was meant to wait for Bella, Alice would have seen that. He - or she - had no intention of hurting Bella. Or Charlie, for that matter. I cringed at my fathers name. Its going to be fine, Bella, Esme murmured, smoothing my hair. But what was the point then? Carlisle mused.