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was the most forbidden of all wishes–even when I only wished it for a malicious reason like this, to gain an advantage over an enemy–because it was the most painful. That future was lost to me forever, had never really been within my grasp. I scrambled to gain control of my canada goose womens jackets self while the hole in my chest ached hollowly. What do you want? Jacob demanded, his expression growing more resentful as he watched the play of emotion across my face. I want to talk to you, I said in a weak voice. I tried to focus, but I was still reeling against canada goose womens jackets the escape of my taboo dream. Go ahead, he hissed through his teeth. His glare was vicious. Id never seen him look at anyone like that, least of all me. It hurt with a surprising intensity–a physical pain, a stabbing in my head. Alone! I hissed, and my

soon as his door was closed, Embry muttered to me, Dont throw up, okay? Ive only got a ten, and if Paul got his teeth into Jacob… Okay, I whispered. Emb canada goose womens jackets ry drove us back toward the village. Hey, how did Jake get around the injunction anyway? The… what? Er, the order. You know, to not spill the beans. How did he tell you about this? Oh, that, I said, remembering Jacob trying to choke out the truth to me last night. He didnt. I guessed right. Embry pursed his lips, looking surprised. Hmm. Spose that would work. Where are we going? I asked. Emilys house. Shes Sams girlfriend… no, fiancee, now, I guess. Th canada goose womens jackets eyll meet us back there after Sam gives it to them for what just happened. And after Paul and Jake scrounge up some new clothes, if Paul even has any left. Does Emily know about… ? Yeah.

head on her shoulder. She put her cold arms around me and sighed. Bella. What are we going to do with you? I dont know, I admitted. I really have been trying my hardest. I believe you. It was silent. Does–does he… I took a deep breath. It was harder to say his name out loud, even though I was able to think it now. Does Edward know youre here? I couldnt help asking. It was my pain, after all. Id deal with it when she was gone, I promised myself, and fel canada goose womens jackets t sick at the thought. No. There was only one way that could be true. Hes not with Carlisle and Esme? He checks in every few months. Oh. He mu canada goose womens jackets st still be out enjoying his distractions. I focused my curiosity on a safer topic. You said you flew here… Where did you come from? I was in Denali. Visiting Tanyas family. Is Jasper here? Did he

like even numbers. Were not alone, she reminded them. Demetri glanced over his shoulder. A canada goose womens jackets few yards into the square, the little family, with the girls in their red dresses, was watching us. The mother was spe canada goose womens jackets aking urgently to her husband, her eyes on the five of us. She looked away when Demetri met her gaze. The man walked a few steps farther into the plaza, and tapped one of the red-blazered men on the shoulder. Demetri shook his head. Please, Edward, lets be reasonable, he said. Lets, Edward agreed. And well leave quietly now, with no one the wiser. Demetri sighed in frustration. At least let us discuss this more privately. Six men in red now joined the family as they watched us with anxious expressions. I was very conscious of Edwards protective stance in front of me–sure that this

crossed their minds again, he added lightly. Horror was canada goose womens jackets hed through me. Thirty. So his promises meant nothing, in the end. If I were going to turn thirty someday, then he couldnt be planning on staying long. The harsh pain of this knowledge made me realize that Id already begun to hope, canada goose womens jackets without giving myself permission to do 5.0. You dont have to be afraid, he said, anxious as he watched the tears dew up again on the rims of my eyes. I wont let them hurt you.While youre here. Not that I cared what happened to me when he left. He took my face between his two stone hands, holding it tightly while his midnight eyes glared into mine with the gravitational force of a black hole. I will never leave you again. But you said thirty, I whispered. The tears leaked over the edge. What? Youre going to

voice, playing along. What, Bella? I pointed to t canada goose womens jackets he thick envelope on the counter. I just gotmy acceptance to the University of Alaska! Congratulations! He grinned. What a coincidence. Charlies eyes narrowed and he glared back and forth between the two of us. Fine, he muttered after a minute. Im going to go watch the game, Bella. Nine-thirty. That was his usual parting command.Er, Dad? Remember the very recent discussion about my freedom . . . ? He sighed. canada goose womens jackets Right. Okay, ten -thirty. You still have a curfew on school nights. Bellas no longer grounded? Edward asked. Though I knew he wasnt really surprised, I couldnt detect any false note to the sudden excitement in his voice. Conditionally, Charlie corrected through his teeth. Whats it to you? I frowned at my dad, but he didnt see. Its just

me. Ive still got your motorcycle in my garage.This news distracted me. You were supposed to sell that. You promised Charlie you would. If I hadnt begged on Jakes behalf - after all, hed put weeks of la canada goose womens jackets bor into both motorcycles, and he deserved some kind of payback - Charlie would have thrown my bike in a Dumpster. And possibly set that Dumpster on fire. Yeah, right. Like I would do that. It belongs to you, not me. Anyway, Ill hold on to it until you want it back. A tiny hint of the smile I remembered was suddenly playing around the edges of his lips. Jake . . . He leaned forward, his face earnest now, the bitter sarcasm fading. I think I might have b canada goose womens jackets een wrong before, you know, about not being able to be friends. Maybe we could manage it, on my side of the line. Come see me. I was vividly

Charlie. I frowned. Apparently, I have some p canada goose womens jackets lans to cancel. Oh. She deliberated. Im not sure about that. Alice! I whined loudly. Cmon! Okay, okay, she said, flitting from the room. She was back in half a second, cell phone in hand. He didnt specifically prohibit this . . . , she murmured to herself as she handed it to me. I dialed Jacobs number, hoping he wasnt out running with his friends tonight. Luck was with me - Jacob was the one to answer. Hello? Hey, Jake, its me. Alice watched me with expressionless eyes for a second, before she turned and went to sit between Rosalie and Esme on the sofa. Hi, Bella, Jacob said, suddenly cautious. Whats up? Nothing good. I cant com canada goose womens jackets e over Saturday after all. It was silent for a minute. Stupid bloodsucker, he finally muttered. I thought he was