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couldnt get rid of my perception of Sam as the bad guy. My teeth clenched together whenever I heard his name. Well, it would have stopped me, Jacob said, morose now. Remember how I couldnt finish my sentences last night? How I couldnt just tell you the whole story? Yeah. You looked lik canada goose victoria parka e you were choking on something. He chuckled darkly. Close enough. Sam told me I couldnt tell you. Hes… the head o canada goose victoria parka f the pack, you know. Hes the Alpha. When he tells us to do something, or not to do something–when he really means it, well, we cant just ignore him. Weird, I muttered. Very, he agreed. Its kind of a wolf thing. Huh was the best response I could think of. Yeah, theres a load of stuff like that–wolf things. Im still learning. I cant imagine what it was like for Sam, trying to deal with this

to see you! Its okay, Bella. Everythings okay. Yes, I bawled. And, for once, it seemed that way. Alice sighed. Id forgotten how exuberant you are, she said, and her tone was disapproving. I looked up at her throug canada goose victoria parka h my streaming eyes. Alices neck was tight, straining away from me, her lips canada goose victoria parka pressed together firmly. Her eyes were black as pitch. Oh, I puffed, as I realized the problem. She was thirsty. And I smelled appetizing. It had been a while since Id had to think about that kind of thing. Sorry. Its my own fault. Its been too long since I hunted. I shouldnt let myself get so thirsty. But I was in a hurry today. The look she directed at me then was a glare. Speaking of which, would you like to explain to me how youre alive? That brought me up short and stopped the sobs. I realized what

sudden stops, and the people in the crowd shook their fists at us and said angry words that I was glad I couldnt understand. She turned onto a little pa canada goose victoria parka th that couldnt have been meant for cars; shocked people had to squeeze into doorways as we scraped b canada goose victoria parka y. We found another street at the end. The buildings were taller here; they leaned together overhead so that no sunlight touched the pavement–the thrashing red flags on either side nearly met. The crowd was thicker here than anywhere else. Alice stopped the car. I had the door open before we were at a standstill. She pointed to where the street widened into a patch of bright openness. There–were at the southern end of the square. Run straight across, to the right of the clock tower. Ill find a way around– Her breath caught suddenly, and

the forest, when I was telling you goodbye– I didnt allow myself to remember. I fought to keep myself in the present second only. You werent going to let go, he whispered. I could see that. I didnt want to do it–it felt like it would kill me to do it–but I knew that if I couldnt convince you that I didnt love you anymore, it would just take you that much longer to canada goose victoria parka get on with your life. I hoped that, if you thought Id moved on, so would you. A clean break, I whispered through unmoving lips. Exactly. But I never imagined it would be so easy to do! I thought it would be next to impossible–that you would b canada goose victoria parka e so sure of the truth that I would have to lie through my teeth for hours to even plant the seed of doubt in your head. I lied, and Im so sorry–sorry because I hurt you, sorry because

groups as good vs. evil. Us and them worked, too. The good guys were Angela, her steady boyfriend Ben Cheney, and Mike Newton; these three had all very generously forgiven me for going crazy when Edward left. Lauren Mallory was the evil core of the them side, and almost everyone else, incl canada goose victoria parka uding my first friend in Forks, Jessica Stanley, seemed content to go along with her anti-Bella agenda. With Edward back at school, the dividing line had become even more distinct. Edwards return had taken its toll on Mikes friendship, but Angela was unswervingly loyal, and Ben followed her lead. Despite the natural aversion most humans felt towar canada goose victoria parka d the Cullens, Angela sat dutifully beside Alice every day at lunch. After a few weeks, Angela even looked comfortable there. It was difficult not to be charmed

that. My brain refused to come up with any brilliant insights. Maybe I was missing some vital piece of information. What could have changed in the past three days that was so important that Jacob would break his long streak of refusing to answer my phone calls and contact me? What difference could three days make? I froze in the middle of the kitchen. The package of icy hamburger in my hands slipped through my numb fingers. It took me a slow second to miss the thud it canada goose victoria parka should have made against the floor. Edward had caught it and thrown it onto the counter. His arms were already around me, his lips at my ear. Whats wrong? I shook my head, dazed. Three d canada goose victoria parka ays could change everything. Hadnt I just been thinking about how impossible college was? How I couldnt be anywhere near people after Id gone

urgent things to worry about today. I helped her put the stamps on, too. I was afraid to leave. Hows your hand? she asked. I flexed my fingers. I think Ill recover the full use of it . . . canada goose victoria parka someday. The door banged downstairs, and we both looked up.Ang? Ben called. I tried to smile, but my lips trembled. I guess thats my cue to leave. You dont have to go. Though hes probably going to describe the movie for me . . . in detail. Charlie will be wondering where I a canada goose victoria parka m anyway. Thanks for helping me. I had a good time, actually. We should do something like this again. It was nice to have some girl time. Definitely. There was a light knock on the bedroom door. Come in, Ben, Angela said. I got up and stretched. Hey, Bella! You survived, Ben greeted me quickly before going to take my place by Angela.

Checking to see if Im still human? I guessed. Possible, Carlisle said. Rosalie breathed out a sigh, loud enough for me to hear. Shed unfrozen, and her face was turned expectantly towa canada goose victoria parka rd the kitchen. Edward, on the other hand, looked discouraged. Emmett burst through the kitchen door, Jasper right behind him. Long gone, hours ago, Emmett announced, disappointed. The trail went East, then South, and disappeared on a side road. Had a car waiting. Thats bad luck, Edward muttered. If hed gone west . . . well, it would be nice for those dogs to make themselves useful. I winced, and Esme rubbed my shoulder.Jasper looked at Ca canada goose victoria parka rlisle. Neither of us recognized him. But here. He held out something green and crumpled. Carlisle took it from him and held it to his face. I saw, as it exchanged hands,