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back toward the truck. Where are we going? I asked.Im not sure yet, he admitted. Ill call a meeting. Hey, wait here for just a minute, okay? He leaned me against the side of the truck and released my hand. Where are you going? Ill be right back, he promised. Then he turned and sprinted through the parking lot, across the road, and into the bordering forest. He flitted into the trees, swift and sleek as a deer. Jacob! I yelled after him hoarsely, but he was already gone. It was not a good time to be left alone. Seconds after Jacob was out of sight canada goose vancouver , I was hyperventilating. I dragged myself into the cab of the truck, and mashed the locks down at once. It didnt make me feel any better. Victoria was canada goose vancouver already hunting me. It was just luck that she hadnt found me yet–just luck and five teenage

asked in canada goose vancouver a slow, heavy voice. Its not a trick. Its Carlisle. Take me back! A shudder rippled through his wide shoulders, but his eyes were flat and emotionless. No. Jake, its okay– No. Take yourself back, Bella. His voice was a slap–I flinched as the sound of it struck me. His jaw clenched and unclenched. Look, Bella, he said in the same hard voice. I cant go back. Treaty or no treaty, thats my enemy in there. Its not like that– I have to tell Sam right away. This changes things. We cant be caught on their territory. Jake, its not a war! He didnt listen. He put the truck in neutral and jumped out the door, leaving it running. Bye, Bella, he called back over his shoulder. I really hope you dont canada goose vancouver die. He sprinted into the darkness, shaking so hard that his shape seemed blurred; he

dripping like long ribbons beside the gate, whipping in the wind–as I watched, the brilliant crimson scarf one woman had tied around her hair was caught in a sudden gust. It twisted up into the air above her, writhing li canada goose vancouver ke it was alive. She reached for it, jumping in the air, but it continued to flutter higher, a patch of bloody color against the dull, ancient walls. Bella. Alice spoke quickly in a fierce, low voice. I cant see what the guard here will decide now–if this doesn canada goose vancouver t work, youre going to have to go in alone. Youre going to have to run. Just keep asking for the Palazzo dei Priori, and running in the direction they tell you. Dont get lost. Palazzo dei Priori, Palazzo dei Priori, I repeated the name over and over again, trying to get it down. Or the clock tower, if they speak

can see and feel you safe in my arms. I am the most miserable excuse for– Stop, I interrupted him. He stared at me with agonized eyes, and I tried to find the right words–the words that would free him from this imagined obligation that caused him so much pain. They were very hard words to say. I didnt know if I could get them out canada goose vancouver without breaking down. But I had to try to do it right. I didnt want to be a source of guilt and anguish in his life. He should be happy, no matter what it cost me. Id really been hoping to put off this part of our last conversation. It was going to bring things to an end so much sooner. Drawing on all my months of practice with trying to b canada goose vancouver e normal for Charlie, I kept my face smooth. Edward, I said. His name burned my throat a little on the way out. I could feel

the homicide list, Dad. Ihave lived like that. And Id never come close to being a murder victim until after I moved to his safe little town. In fact, I was still on several hit lists. . . . The spoon shook in my hands, making the water tremble.Well, you couldnt pay me enough, Charlie said. I gave up on saving dinner and settled for serving it; I had to use a steak knife to cut a portion of spaghetti for Charlie and then myself, while he watched with a sheepish expre canada goose vancouver ssion. Charlie coated his helping with sauce and dug in. I disguised my own clump as wel canada goose vancouver l as I could and followed his example without much enthusiasm. We ate in silence for a moment. Charlie was still scanning the news, so I picked up my much-abused copy of Wuthering Heights from where Id left it this morning at breakfast, and

food around here sucks when youre gone. canada goose vancouver Ill get on it, I said as he let me go. Would you call Jacob first? Hes been bugging me every five minutes since six oclock this morning. I promised Id have you call him before you even unpacked. I didnt have to look at Edward to feel that he was too still, too cold beside me. So this was the cause of his tension. Jacob wants canada goose vancouver to talk to me? Pretty bad, Id say. He wouldnt tell me what it was about - just said it was important. The phone rang then, shrill and demanding.Thats him again, Id bet my next paycheck, Charlie muttered. I got it. I hurried to the kitchen. Edward followed after me while Charlie disappeared into the living room. I grabbed the phone mid-ring, and twisted around so that I was facing the wall. Hello? Youre back, Jacob said. His

about to say thanks, but no thanks . After all, there canada goose vancouver were just too many secrets I was bound to keep. I really couldnt discuss my problems with someone human. That was against the rules. And yet, with a strange, sudden intensity, thats exactly what I wanted. I wanted to talk to a normal human girlfriend. I wanted to moan a little bit, like any other teenage girl. I wanted my problems to be that simple. It would also be nice to have someone outside the whole vampire-werewolf mess to put things canada goose vancouver in perspective. Someone unbiased. Ill mind my own business, Angela promised, smiling down at the address she was working on. No, I said. Youre right. I am anxious. Its . . . its Edward. Whats wrong? It was so easy to talk to Angela. When she asked a question like that, I could tell that she wasnt just

short second, and then his phone was in his hand. Emmett, he muttered into the receiver. He began talking so fast that I couldnt understand the words. It was over in half a minute. He started pulling me toward the door. Emmett and Jasper are on their way, he whispered when he felt my resistance. Theyll sweep the woods. Charlie is fine. I let him drag me along then, too panicked to think clearly. Charlie met my fri canada goose vancouver ghtened eyes with a smug grin, which suddenly turned to confusion. Edward had me out the door before Charlie could say anything. Where are we going? I couldnt stop whispering, even after we were in the car. Were going to talk to Alice, he told me, his volume normal but his voice bleak. You think maybe she saw something? He stared at the road through narrowed canada goose vancouver eyes. Maybe. They were