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they do. I stared at him blankly for one second before I understood. Then the blood drained from my face and a thin, wordless cry of horror broke through my lips.He nodded. I thought you, of all people, would reali2e what was really going on. Laurent, I whispered. Hes still here. Jacob blinked twice, and cocked his head to one side. Whos Laurent? canada goose toronto I tried to sort out the chaos in my head so that I could answer. You know–you saw him in the meadow. You were there… The words came out in a wondering tone as it all sunk in. You were there, canada goose toronto and you kept him from killing me… Oh, the black-haired leech? He grinned, a tight, fierce grin. Was that his name? I shuddered. What were you thinking? I whispered. He could have killed you! Jake, you dont realize how dangerous– Another laugh interrupted

agonized face. Im so sorry, I whispered. Billy nodded. Its gonna be hard all around. Wheres Charlie? Your dad is still at canada goose toronto the hospital with Sue. There are a lot of… arrangem canada goose toronto ents to be made. I swallowed hard. Id better get back there, Sam mumbled, and he ducked hastily out the door. Billy pulled his hand away from Jacob, and then he rolled himself through the kitchen toward his room. Jake stared after him for a minute, then came to sit on the floor beside me again. He put his face in his hands. I rubbed his shoulder, wishing I could think of anything to say. After a long moment, Jacob caught my hand and held it to his face. How are you feeling? Are you okay? I probably should have taken you to a doctor or something. He sighed. Dont worry about me, I croaked. He twisted his head to look at

Right, I grumbled, certain that sleep was a lost cause now. Alice pulled her legs up on the seat, wrapping her arms around them and leaning her forehead against her knees. She rocked back and forth as she concentrated. I rested my head against the seat, watching her, and the next thing I knew, she was snapping the shade closed against the faint brightening in the eastern sky. Whats happening? I mumbled. Theyve told him no, she said quietly. I noticed at once that her enthusiasm was gone. My voice choked in my throat with pan canada goose toronto ic. Whats he goin canada goose toronto g to do? It was chaotic at first. I was only getting flickers, he was changing plans so quickly. What kinds of plans? I pressed. There was a bad hour, she whispered. Hed decided to go hunting. She looked at me, seeing the comprehension in my face. In

the vault of dreams I refused to revisit. I struggled with it as my mind became more alert, focusing on reality. I couldnt remember what day of the week it was, but I was sure Jacob or school or work or something was waiting for me. I inhaled deeply, wondering how to face another day. Something cold touched my forehead with the softest pressure. I squeezed my eyes more tightly shut. I was still dreaming, it seemed, and it felt abnormally real. I was so close to waking… any second now, and it would be gone. But I realized that it felt too real, too real to be good for me. The stone arms I imagined wrapped around me were far too substantial. If I let this go any further, Id be sorry for it later. With a resigned sigh, I wrenched back my eyelids to dis canada goose toronto pel the illusio canada goose toronto n. Oh! I gasped, and

brother Jacob for his ongoing expert advice on all my automotive choices A big thank you to my agent, Jodi Reamer, for her continued guidance and assistance in my career And also for enduring my craziness with a smile when I know she d like to use some of her ninja moves on me canada goose toronto instead Love, kisses, and gratitude to my publicist, the beautiful Elizabeth Eulberg, for making my touring experience less a chore and more a pajama party, for aiding and abetting my cyber-stalkery, for convincing those exclusive snobs in the EEC Elizabeth Eulberg Club to let me in, and, oh yeah, also for getting me on the New York Times bestsellers list A huge vat of thanks to everyone at Little, Brown and Company for their support and their belief in the potential of my stories And, finally, thank yo canada goose toronto u to the

my lips mashed together, I retrieved my keys and stiffly climbed out of the truck. Shut your window if you want me to stay away tonight. Ill understand, he whispered just before I slammed the door. I stomped into the house, slamming that door, too. Whats wrong? Charlie demanded from the couch. Truck wont start canada goose toronto , I growled. Want me to look at it? No. Ill try it in the morning. Want to use my car? I wasnt supposed to drive his police cruiser. Charlie must be really desperate to get me to La Push. Nearly as desperate as I was. No. Im tired, I grumbled. Night. I stamped my way up the stairs, and went straight to my window. I shoved the metal frame roughly - it crashed shut a canada goose toronto nd the glass trembled. I stared at the shivering black glass for a long moment, until it was still. Then I sighed, and

wanted an answer, so I thought it was best not to start out too severely. Jacobs face brightened with understanding, and he laughed. I canada goose toronto was just thinking about you. Didnt like that much, did he? Me? What about me? Jacob laughed, with a harder edge this time. I was remembering the way you looked that night Sam found you - Ive seen it in his head, and its like I was there; that memory has always haunted Sam, you know. And then I remembered how you looked the first time you came to my place. I bet you dont even realize what a mess you were then, Bella. It was weeks before you started to look human again. And I remembered how you always used to have your arms wrapped around yourself, trying to hold yourself together. . . . Jacob winced, and then shook his head. Its ha canada goose toronto rd for me to remember how

wished I could see his face, so I could try to guess what this silence meant. Alice will tell me, I said. Ill go canada goose toronto ask her right now. His arms tightened; I was unable to squirm even an inch away. Its late, he said. His voice had a little edge to it that was some canada goose toronto thing new. Sort of nervous, maybe a little embarrassed. Besides, I think Alice stepped out. . . . Its bad, I guessed. Its really bad, isnt it? I started to panic, my heart accelerating as I imagined the gorgeous immortal rival Id never realized I had. Calm down, Bella, he said, kissing the tip of my nose. Youre being absurd. Am I? Then why wont you tell me? Because theres nothing to tell. Youre blowing this wildly out of proportion. Which one? I insisted. He sighed. Tanya expressed a little interest. I let her know, in a very