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friend, but was he a monster, too? A real one? A bad one? Should I warn him, if he and his friends were… were murderers! If they were out slaughtering innocent hikers in cold blood? If they were truly canada goose store toronto creatures from a horror movie in every sense, would it be wrong to protect them? It was inevitable that I would have to compare Jacob and his friends to the Cullens. I wrapped my arms around my chest, fighting the hole, while I thought of them. I didnt know anything about werewolves, clearly. I would have expected something closer to the movies–big hairy half-men creatures or something–if Id expected anything at all. So I didnt know what made them hunt, whether hunger or thirs canada goose store toronto t or just a desire to kill. It was hard to judge, not knowing that. But it couldnt be worse than what the Cullens

smacked into my back again, right between my shoulder blades, and another volley of water choked its way out of my lungs. Breathe, Bella! Cmon! Jacob begged. Black spots bloomed across my vision, getting wider and wider, blocking out the light. The rock struck me again. The rock wasnt cold like the water; it was hot on my skin. I realized it was Jacobs hand, trying to beat the water from my lungs. The iron bar that had dragged me from the sea was also… warm… My head whirled, the black spots covered everything… Was I dying again, then? I didnt like it–this wasnt as good as the last time. It was only dark canada goose store toronto now canada goose store toronto , nothing worth looking at here. The sound of the crashing waves faded into the black and became a quiet, even whoosh that sounded like it was coming from the inside of my ears…

Who are these Volturi? I demanded in a whisper. What makes them so much more dangerous than Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, and you? It was hard to imagine something scarier than that. She took a deep breath, and then abruptly leveled a dark glance over my shoulder. I turned in time to see the man in the aisle seat looking away as if he wasnt listening to us. He appeared to be a businessman, in a dark suit with a power tie and a laptop on his knees. While I stared at him with irritation, he opened the computer and very conspicuously put headphones on. I leaned closer to Alice. Her lips were at my ears as she breathed the story. I was surprised that you recognized the name, she said. That you understood so immediately what it meant–when I said he was canada goose store toronto going to Italy. I thought I would have to canada goose store toronto

wondered about that, too, a canada goose store toronto t the time. I felt Edward shrug around me. They have a name for someone who smells the way Bella does to me. They call her my singer–because her blood sings for me. Alice laughed. I was tired enough to sleep, but I fought against the weariness. I wasnt going to miss a canada goose store toronto second of the time I had with him. Now and then, as he talked with Alice, he would lean down suddenly and kiss me–his glass-smooth lips brushing against my hair, my forehead, the tip of my nose. Each time it was like an electric shock to my long dormant heart. The sound of its beating seemed to fill the entire room. It was heaven–right smack in the middle of hell. I lost track of the time completely. So when Edwards arms tightened around me, and both he and Alice looked to the back of the room

think any of the underlying foundation had changed. I didnt think that was changeable! What had I done to deserve this? Charlie was going to be so mad–and worse than that, he was going to be hurt and worried. Didnt he have enough to deal with already? I w canada goose store toronto ould have never imagined that Jake could be so petty and just plain mean. Tears sprang, smarting, into my eyes, but they were not tears of sadness. I had been betrayed. I was suddenly so angry that my head throbbed like it was go canada goose store toronto ing to explode. Is he still here? I hissed. Yes. Hes waiting for us there. Edward told me, nodding toward the slender path that divided the dark fringe of the forest in two. I jumped out of the car, launching myself toward the trees with my hands already balled into fists for the first punch. Why did Edward have

move-out card.I took a deep breath and tried to make my tone more reasonable. Ill do my time without complaining when Ive done something wrong, Dad, but Im not going to put up with your prejudices. He sputtered, but managed nothing coherent. Now, I know that you know that I have every right to see Mom for the weekend. You cant canada goose store toronto honestly tell me youd object to the plan if I was going with Alice or Angela. Girls, he grunted, with a nod. Would it bother you if I took Jacob canada goose store toronto ? Id only picked the name because I knew of my fathers preference for Jacob, but I quickly wished I hadnt; Edwards teeth clenched together with an audible snap. My father struggled to compose himself before he answered. Yes, he said in an unconvincing voice. That would bother me. Youre a rotten liar, Dad. Bella - Its not like

no idea, I said in a whisper. They didnt think that werewolves still existed here. They didnt know that coming here would change you. It doesnt change t canada goose store toronto he fact that it did. Remind me not to get on your bad side. You think I should be as forgiving as you are? We can canada goose store toronto t all be saints and martyrs. Grow up, Jacob. I wish I could, he murmured quietly. I stared at him, trying to make sense of his response. What? Jacob chuckled. One of those many strange things I mentioned. You . . . cant . . . grow up? I said blankly. Youre what? Not . . .aging ? Is that a joke? Nope. He popped his lips on the P. I felt blood flood my face. Tears - tears of rage - filled my eyes. My teeth mashed together with an audible grinding sound. Bella? What did I say?I was on my feet again, my hands balled up into fists, my

building in his chest. I froze in place, too shocked to remember how to move. The shaking rolled through him, getting faster, until it looked like he was vibrating. His shape blurred. . . . And then Jacob gritted his teeth togethe canada goose store toronto r, and the growling stopped. He squeezed his eyes tight in concentration; the quivering slowed until only his hands were shaking. Weeks, Jacob said in a flat monotone. I couldnt respond; I was still frozen. He opened his eyes. They were beyond fury now. Hes going to change you into a filthy bloodsucker in just a fewweeks ! Jacob hissed through his teeth. Too stunned to tak canada goose store toronto e offense at his words, I just nodded mutely. His face turned green under the russet skin. Of course, Jake, I whispered after a long minute of silence. Hesseventeen, Jacob. And I get closer to