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agreed. I wondered if he really would. Well, if he didnt, Id tried, right? I drove down to First Beach and parked in the empty dirt l canada goose store location ot. It was still dark–the gloomy predawn of a cloudy day–and when I cut the headlights it was hard to see. I had to let my eyes adjust before I could find the path that led through the tall hedge of weeds. It was colder here, with the wind whipping off the black water, and I shoved my hands deep into the pockets of my winter jacket. At least the rain had stopped. I paced down the beach toward the north seawall. I couldnt see St. James or the other islands, just the vague shape of the waters edge. canada goose store location I picked my way carefully across the rocks, watching out for driftwood that might trip me.I found what I was looking for before I realized I was looking for it. It

hadnt made sense before suddenly did. You said… hospital. Before, to Sam. Is someone hurt? Did she fight you? My voice j canada goose store location umped up an octave, sounding strange with the hoarseness. No, no. When we got back, Em was waiting with the news. Its Harry Clearwater. Harry had a heart attack this morning. Harry? I shook my head, trying to absorb w canada goose store location hat he was staying. Oh, no! Does Charlie know? Yeah. Hes over there, too, with my dad.Is Harry going to be okay? Jacobs eyes tightened again. It doesnt look so great right now. Abruptly, I felt really sick with guilt–felt truly horrible about the brainless cliff dive. Nobody needed to be worrying about me right now. What a stupid time to be reckless. What can I do? I asked. At that moment the rain stopped. I hadnt realized we were already back to Jacobs

I wasnt really planning on living much longer without seeing him. Or at all, if we were too late. It was comforting to know that I would have an easy out. I doubt theyve ever had a situation quite like this, she muttered, disgusted. You dont get a lot of suicidal vampires. The sound that escaped out of my mouth was very quiet, but Alice seemed to understand that it was a cry of pain. She wrapped her thin, strong arm around my shoulders. Well do what we can, Bella. Its not over yet. Not yet. I let her comfort m canada goose store location e, though I knew she thought our chances were poor. And the Volturi will get us if we mess up. Alice stiffened. You say that like its a good thing. I shrugged. Knock it off, Bella, or were turning around in New York and going back to F canada goose store location orks. What? You know what. If were too late for

low tolerance for caffeine. Alice was behind us. I could hear her murmuring to Jasper on the phone.I dont want to sleep, I reminded him. I gave him an excuse that was believable because it was true. If I close my eyes now, Ill see things I dont want to see. Ill have nightmares. He didnt argue with me after that. It would have been a very good time to talk, to get the answers I needed–needed but not really wanted; I was already despairing at the thought of what I might hear. We had an uninterrupted block canada goose store location of tirre ahead of us, and he couldnt escape me on an airplane–well, not easily, at least. No one would hear us except Alice; it was late, and most of the passengers were turning off lights and asking for pillows in muted voices. Talk would help me fight off canada goose store location the exhaustion. But, perversely,

your benefit. I know. But that doesnt erase the gratitude I feel. I thought you should know. If theres ever anything in my power to do for you… Jacob raised one black brow. Edward shook his head. Thats not in my power. Whose, canada goose store location then? Jacob growled. Edward looked down at me. Hers. Im a quick learner, Jacob Black, and I dont make the same mistake twice. Im here until she orders me away. I was immersed momentarily in his golden gaze. It wasn canada goose store location t hard to understand what Id missed in the conversation. The only thing that Jacob would want from Edward would be his absence. Never, I whispered, still locked in Edwards eyes. Jacob made a gagging sound. I unwillingly broke free from Edwards gaze to frown at Jacob. Was there something else you needed, Jacob? You wanted me in trouble–mission Accomplished.

minutes. Charlie hit the mute button - an unusual action. Look, theres something I need to say. He frowned, looking very uncomfortable. I sat still, waiting. He met my gaze for a second before shifting his eyes to the floor. He didnt canada goose store location say anything more. What is it, Dad?He sighed. Im not good at this kind of thing. I dont know how to start. . . . I waited again. Okay, Bella. Heres the thing. He got up from the couch and canada goose store location started pacing back and forth across the room, looking as his feet all the time. You and Edward seem pretty serious, and there are some things that you need to be careful about. I know youre an adult now, but youre still young, Bella, and there are a lot of important things you need to know when you . . . well, when youre physically involved with - Oh, please, please no! I

word. No. Whats that mean? Its one of those bizarre things we have to deal with. It doesnt happen to everyone. In fact, its the rare exception, not the rule. Sam had heard all the stories by then, the stories we all used to think were legends. Hed heard of imprinting, but he never dreamed . . . What is it? I prodded. Jacobs eyes strayed to the ocean. Sam did love Leah. But when he saw Emily, that didnt matter anymore. Sometimes . . . we dont exactly know why . . . we find our mates that way. His eyes flashed back to me, his face reddening. I mean . . . our soul mates. Wh canada goose store location at way? Love at first sight? I snickered. Jacob wasnt smiling. His dark eyes were critical of my reaction. Its a little bit more powerful than that. More absolute. Sorry, I muttered. Youre serious, canada goose store location arent you? Yeah, I am.

you mind telling me what it is about this bed that you object to? Before I could answer canada goose store location , before I could even concentrate enough to make sense of his words, he rolled to the side, pulling me on top of him. He held my face in his hands, angling it up so that his mouth could reach my throat. My breathing was too loud - it was almost embarrassing, but I couldnt care quite enough to be ashamed. The bed? he asked again. Ithink its nice. Its unnecessary, I managed to gasp. He pulled my face back to his, and my lips shaped themselves around his. Slowly this time, he rolled till he hovered over me. He held himself carefully so that canada goose store location I felt none of his weight, but I could feel the cool marble of his body press against mine. My heart was hammering so loudly that it was hard to hear his quiet laughter.