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voice was st canada goose ski jacket ronger. He looked behind him, and I knew where his eyes would go. Every one of canada goose ski jacket them was turned for Sams reaction. Sam nodded once, his face unperturbed. He made a brief comment in an unfamiliar, liquid language–I could only be positive that it wasnt French or Spanish, but I guessed that it was Quileute. He turned and walked into Jacobs house. The others, Paul, Jared, and Embry, I assumed, followed him in. Okay. Jacob seemed a bit less furious when the others were gone. His face was a little calmer, but also more hopeless. His mouth seemed permanently pulled down at the corners. I took a deep breath. You know what I want to know. He didnt answer. He just stared at me bitterly.I stared back and the silence stretched on. The pain in his face unnerved me. I felt a lump beginning

And hey, dont stare at her. That bugs Sam. I frowned at him. Why would I stare? Embry looked uncomfortable. Like you saw just now, hanging out around werewolves has its risks. He changed the subject quickly. Hey, are you okay about the whole thing with the black-haired bloodsucker in the meadow? It didnt look like he was a friend of yours, but. . Embry shrugged. No, he wasnt my friend. Thats good. We didnt want to start anything, br canada goose ski jacket eak the treaty, you know. Oh, yeah, Jake told me about the treaty once, a long time ago. Why would killing Laurent break the treaty? La canada goose ski jacket urent, he repeated, snorting, like he was amused the vampire had had a name. Well, we were technically on Cullen turf. Were not allowed to attack any of them, the Cullens, at least, off our land–unless they break the treaty

come with your She shook her head. He didnt approve of my interfering. We promised… she trailed off, and then her tone changed. And you think Charlie wont mind my bei canada goose ski jacket ng here? she canada goose ski jacket asked, sounding worried. Charlie thinks youre wonderful, Alice. Well, were about to find out. Sure enough, a few seconds later I heard the cruiser pull into the driveway. I jumped up and hurried to open the door. Charlie trudged slowly up the walk, his eyes on the ground and his shoulders slumped. I walked forward to meet him; he didnt even see me until I hugged him around the waist. He embraced me back fiercely. Im so sorry about Harry, Dad. Im really going to miss him, Charlie mumbled. Hows Sue doing?She seems dazed, like she hasnt grasped it yet. Sams staying with her… The volume of his voice faded in and out.

was what caused their alarm. I wanted to scream to them to run. Edwards teeth came together audibly. No. Felix s canada goose ski jacket miled. Enough. The voice was high, reedy, and n came from behind us. I peeked under Edwards other arm to see a small, dark shape coming toward us. By the way the edges billowed, I knew it would be another one of them. Who else? At first I thought it was a young boy. The newcomer was as tiny as Alice, with lank, pale brown hair trimmed short. The body under canada goose ski jacket the cloak–which was darker, almost black–was slim and androgynous. But the face was too pretty for a boy. The wide-eyed, full-lipped face would make a Botticelli angel look like a gargoyle. Even allowing for the dull crimson irises. Her size was so insignificant that the reaction to her appearance confused me. Felix and

stay, but let me get all old anyway? Right. His eyes softened, while his mouth went hard. Thats exactly what Im going to do. What choice have I? I cannot be without you, but I will not destroy your soul. Is this really… I tried to keep my voice even, but this question was to canada goose ski jacket o hard. I remembered his face when Aro had almost begged him to consider making me immortal. The sick look there. Was this fixation with keeping me human really about my soul, or was it because he wasnt sure that he wanted me around that long? Yes? he asked, canada goose ski jacket waiting for my question. I asked a different one. Almost–but not quite–as hard. But what about when I get so old that people think Im your mother? Your grandmother? My voice was pale with revulsion–I could see Grans face again in the dream mirror. His whole face

good to know, Edward said. Alice has been itching for a shopping partner, and Im sure Bella would love to see some city lights. He smiled at me. But Charlie growled, No! and his face flushed purple. Dad! Whats the problem? He made an effort to unclench his teeth. I dont want you going to Seattle right now. Huh? I told you about that story in the paper - theres some kind of gang on a killing spree in Seattle and I want canada goose ski jacket you to steer clear, okay? I rolled my eyes. Dad, theres a better chance that Ill get struck by lightning than that the one day Im in Seattle - No, thats fine, Charlie, Edward said, interrupting me. I didnt mean Seattle. I was thin canada goose ski jacket king Portland, actually. I wouldnt have Bella in Seattle, either. Of course not. I looked at him in disbelief, but he had Charlies newspaper in his

conscious of Edward, his arms still wrapped protectively around me, motionless as a stone. I sh canada goose ski jacket ot a look at his face - it was calm, patient. I, er, dont know about that, Jake. Jacob dropped the antagonistic fa.ade completely. It was like hed forgotten Edward was there, or at least he was determined to act that way. I miss you every day, Bella. Its not the same without you. I know and Im sorry, Jake, I just . . . He shook his head, and sighed. I know. Doesnt matter, right? I guess Ill survive or something. Who needs friends? He grimaced, trying to cover the pain with a thin attempt at bravado. Jacobs suffering had always triggered my protective side. It was not entirely rational - Jacob was hardly in need of any physical pro canada goose ski jacket tection I could offer. But my arms, pinned beneath Edwards, yearned

leaving. Cant you have a life when hes gone? Or does he lock you in a coffin? I laughed. I dont think canada goose ski jacket thats funny. Im only laughing because youre close, I told him. But hes going to be here Saturday, so it doesnt matter. Will he be feeding there in Forks, then? Jacob asked cuttingly. No. I didnt let myself get irritated with him. I wasnt that far from being as angry as he was. He left early. Oh. Well, hey, come over now, then, he said with sudden enthusiasm. Its not that late. Or Ill come up to Charlies. I wish. Im not at Charlies, I said sourly. Im kind of being held prisoner. He was silent as that sunk in, and then he growled. Well come and get you, he promised in a flat voice, slipping automatically into a plural. A chill slid dow canada goose ski jacket n my spine, but I answered in a light and teasing voice.