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high-pitched squeal, like fingernails against the glass.12. INTRUDER MY EYES FLEW WIDE OPEN WITH FRIGHT, THOUGH I WAS so exhausted and muddled that I was not yet positive whether I was awake or asleep. Something canada goose puffer vest scratched against my window again with the same thin, high-pitched sound. Confused and clumsy with sleep, I stumbled out of my bed and to the window, blinking the lingering tears from my eyes on the wa canada goose puffer vest y. A huge, dark shape wobbled erratically on the other side of the glass, lurching toward me like it was going to smash right through. I staggered back, terrified, my throat closing around a scream. Victoria. Shed come for me. I was dead. Not Charlie, too! I choked back the building scream. I would have to keep quiet through this. Somehow. I had to keep Charlie from coming to

around to it. He reached over and took my hand. His skin was blaz canada goose puffer vest ing on mine. Is that one of those wolf things? I asked him. The heat, I mean. Yeah. We run a littl canada goose puffer vest e warmer than the normal people. About one-oh-eight, one-oh-nine. I never get cold anymore. I could stand like this–he gestured to his bare torso–in a snowstorm and it wouldnt bother me. The flakes would turn to rain where I stood. And you all heal fast–thats a wolf thing, too? Yeah, wanna see? Its pretty cool. His eyes flipped open and he grinned. He reached around me to the glove compartment and dug around for a minute. His hand came out with a pocketknife. No, I do not want to see! I shouted as soon as I realized what he was thinking. Put that away! Jacob chuckled, but shoved the knife back where it belonged. Fine. Its a

didnt continue. Is that all? He kept his eyes on the glass as h canada goose puffer vest e answered. Just one canada goose puffer vest more thing. I waited, but he didnt continue. Yes? I finally prompted. Are the rest of them coming back now? he asked in a cool, quiet voice. It reminded me of Sams always calm manner. Jacob was becoming more like Sam… I wondered why that bothered me so much. Now I didnt speak. He looked back at my face with probing eyes. Well? he asked. He struggled to conceal the tension behind his serene expression. No. I said finally. Grudgingly. They arent coming back. His expression didnt change. Okay. Thats all. I glared at him, annoyance rekindled. Well, run along now. Go tell Sam that the scary monsters arent coming to get you. Okay, he repeated, still calm. That seemed to be it. Jacob walked swiftly from the

her! Isnt that wonderful? Neither of the other two looked as if wonderful would be their first choice of words. The dark-haired man seemed u canada goose puffer vest tterly bored, like hed seen too many millennia of Aros enthusiasm. The others hice was sour under the snowy hair. Their l canada goose puffer vest ack of interest did not curb Aros enjoyment. Let us have the story, Aro almost sang in his feathery voice. The white-haired ancient vampire drifted away, gliding toward one of the wooden thrones. The other paused beside Aro, and he reached his hand out, at first I thought to take Aros hand. But he just touched Aros palm briefly and then dropped his hand to his side. Aro raised one black brow. I wondered how his papery skin did not crumple in the effort. Edward snorted very quietly, and Alice looked at him, curious. Thank you, Marcus,

said flatly. He was smug. Im sure of it. He relies totally on that other sense. When it doesnt work with you, theyll all be blind. And how does that canada goose puffer vest solve anything? Quite obviously, Alice will be able to tell when theyre planning a visit, and Ill hide you. Theyll be helpless, he said with fi canada goose puffer vest erce enjoyment. It will be like looking for a piece of straw in a haystack!He and Emmett exchanged a glance and a smirk. This made no sense. But they can find you, I reminded him. And I can take care of myself. Emmett laughed, and reached across the table toward his brother, extending a fist. Excellent plan, my brother, he said with enthusiasm. Edward stretched out his arm to smack Emmetts fist with his own. No, Rosalie hissed. Absolutely not, I agreed. Nice. Jaspers voice was appreciative. Idiots,

Please, Bella, he whispered. I stared into his suddenly burning golden eyes. Please what? Please, for me. Please make a conscious effort to keep yourself safe. Ill do everything I can, but I would appreciate a little help. Ill work on it, I murmured. Do you really have any idea how important you are to me? Any concept at all of how much I love you? He pulled me tighter against his hard chest, tucking my head under canada goose puffer vest his chin. I pre canada goose puffer vest ssed my lips against his snow-cold neck. I know how much I love you , I answered. You compare one small tree to the entire forest. I rolled my eyes, but he couldnt see. Impossible. He kissed the top of my head and sighed. No werewolves. Im not going along with that. I have to see Jacob. Then Ill have to stop you. He sounded utterly confident that this wouldnt be a

rain. The Dumpster canada goose puffer vest was around the side of Newtons, next to where we employees were supposed to park. I shuffled along, kicking pebbles petulantly on my way. I was about to fling the stack of bright yellow papers into the trash when the heading printed in bold across the top caught my eye. One word in particu canada goose puffer vest lar seized my attention. I clutched the papers in both hands as I stared at the picture beneath the caption. A lump rose in my throat. SAVE THE OLYMPIC WOLFUnder the words, there was a detailed drawing of a wolf in front of a fir tree, its head thrown back in the act of baying at the moon. It was a disconcerting picture; something about the wolfs plaintive posture made him look forlorn. Like he was howling in grief. And then I was running to my truck, the flyers still locked in my grip.

recognizable, though? The Kings will have to put up a huge search - not that anyone suspects the fiend, he growled. It pleased me that they seemed to know that Royce was guilty. I didnt rea canada goose puffer vest lize that it was almost over - that I was getting stronger and that was why I was able to concentrate on what they were saying. The pain was beginning to fade from my fingertips. What are we going to do with her? Edward said disgustedly - or thats how it sounded to me, at least. Carlisle sighed. Thats up to her, of course. She may want to go her own way. Id believed enough of what hed told me that his words terrified me. I knew that my life was ended, and there was no going back for me. I couldnt stand the thought of being alone. . . . The pain finally ended and they explained to me again what I canada goose puffer vest was.