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and me. I felt like I might be about to throw up again. A sharp rap on the trucks window made me yelp in terror–but canada goose montebello it was just Jacob, back already. I unlocked the door with trembling, grateful fingers. Youre really scared, arent you? he asked as he climbed in. I nodded. Dont be. Well take care of you–and Charlie, too. I promise. The idea of you finding Victoria is scarier than the idea of her finding me, I whispered. He l canada goose montebello aughed. Youve got to have a little more confidence in us than that. Its insulting. I just shook my head. Id seen too many vampires in action. Where did you go just now? I asked. He pursed his lips, and said nothing.What? Is it a secret? He frowned. Not really. Its kind of weird, though. I dont want to freak you out. Im sort of used to weird by this point, you know. I

door. When I grabbed the doorknob to unlock it, it twisted easily under my hand. canada goose montebello I let the door fall open. The hallway was black.I wanted to call out a greeting, but my throat was too dry. I couldnt quite seem to catch my breath. I took a step inside and fumbled for the light switch. It was so black–like the black water… Where was that switch? Just like the black water, with th canada goose montebello e orange flame flickering impossibly on top of it. Flame that couldnt be a fire, but what then… ? My fingers traced the wall, still searching, still shaking– Suddenly, something Jacob had told me this afternoon echoed in my head, finally sinking in… She took off into the water, hed said. The bloodsuckers have the advantage there. Thats why I raced home–I was afraid she was going to double back swimming. My hand

car from following our bad example. The man at the gate wore a matching uniform. As we approached him, the throngs of tourists passed, crowding the sidewalks, staring curiously at the pushy, flashy Porsche. The guard stepped into the middle of the street. Alice angled the car carefully before she came to a full stop. The sun beat against my window, and she was in shadow. She swiftly reached behind the seat and gra canada goose montebello bbed something from her bag. The guard came around the car with an irritated expression, and tapped on her window angrily. She rolled the window down halfway, and I watched him d canada goose montebello o a double take when he saw the face behind the dark glass. Im sorry, only tour buses allowed in the city today, miss, he said in English, with a heavy accent. He was apologetic, now, as if he wished he

extremes! Its very irresponsible–think of Esme and Carlisle canada goose montebello and– I was on the edge of losing it. I stopped to take a deep breath, hoping to calm myself. I had to set him free. I had to make sure this never happened again. Isabella Marie Swan, he whispered, the strangest expression crossing his face. He almost looked mad. Do you believe that I asked the Volturi to kill me because I felt guilty? I could feel the blank incomprehension on my face. Didnt you? Feel guilty? Inten canada goose montebello sely so. More than you can comprehend. Then… what are you saying? I dont understand. Bella, I went to the Volturi because I thought you were dead, he said, voice soft, eyes fierce. Even if Id had no hand in your death–he shuddered as he whispered the last word–even if it wasnt my fault, I would have gone to Italy.

still upset that he told on you, but it was the right thing. He was being responsible. Responsible, I repeated scathingly, rolling my eyes. Right. So, what about Jacob? The careless q canada goose montebello uestion repeated inside my head, anything but trivial. What about Jacob? What was I going to do about him? My former best friend who was now . . . what? My enemy? I cringed. Charlies face was suddenly wary. Dont get mad at me, okay? Mad? Well, its about Edward, too. My eyes narrowed. Charlies voice got gruffer. I let canada goose montebello him in the house, dont I?You do, I admitted. For brief periods of time. Of course, you might let me out of the house for brief periods now and then, too, I continued - only jokingly; I knew I was on lockdown for the duration of the school year. Ive been pretty good lately. Well, thats kind of

been in the house for exactly four seconds and your call interrupted Charlie telling me that youd called. Oh. Sorry. Su canada goose montebello re. Now, why are you harassing Charlie? I need to talk to you. Yeah, I figured out that part all by myself. Go ahead. There was a short pause. You going to school tomorrow? I frowned to myself, unable to make sense of this question. Of course I am. Why wouldnt I? I dunno. Just curious. Another pause. So what did you want to talk about, Jake?He hesitated. Nothing really, I guess. I . . . wanted to hear your voice. Yeah, I know. Im so canada goose montebello glad you called me, Jake. I . . . But I didnt know what more to say. I wanted to tell him I was on my way to La Push right now. And I couldnt tell him that. I have to go, he said abruptly. What? Ill talk to you soon, okay? But Jake - He was

Jacob . . . I frowned. Jacob knows how I feel. Ive told him everything. Edwards only human, Bella. Hes going to react like any other boy. I grimaced. I didnt have a response to that. She patted my hand. Hell get over it. I hope so. Jakes going through kind of a tough time. He needs me. You and Jacob are pretty close, arent you? Like family, I agreed. And Edward doesnt like him. . . . That must be hard. I wonder how Ben would handle that? sh canada goose montebello e mused. I half-smiled. Probably just like any other boy. She grinned. Probably. Then she changed the subject. Angela wasnt one to pry, and she seemed to sense I wouldnt - couldnt - say any more. I got my dorm assignment yesterday. The farthest building from campus, naturally.Does B canada goose montebello en know where hes staying yet? The closest dorm to campus. Hes got all

got me watching the Volturis decisions, watching for Victorias return, watching Bellas every step. You want to add another? Do I just have to watch Charlie, or Bellas room, or the house, canada goose montebello or the whole street, too? Edward, if I try to do too much, things are going to start slipping through the cracks. It looks like they already are, Edward snapped. She was n canada goose montebello ever in any danger. There was nothing to see. If youre watching Italy, why didnt you see them send - I dont think its them, Alice insisted. I would have seen that. Who else would leave Charlie alive? I shuddered. I dont know, Alice said. Helpful. Stop it, Edward, I whispered. He turned on me, his face still livid, his teeth clenched together. He glared at me for half a second, and then, suddenly, he exhaled. His eyes widened and his jaw