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right kind of monster for you, Bella. I guess Im just not as great as a bloodsucker, am I? I jumped to my feet and glared back. No, youre not! I shouted. Its not what you are, stupid, its what you do! Whats that supposed to mean? He roared, his entire frame quivering with rage. I was taken entirely by surprise when Edwards voice cautioned me. Be very careful, Bella, his velvet voice warned. Dont push him too far. You need to calm him down. Even the voice in my head was making no sense today. I listened to him, though. I would do anything for that voice. Jacob, I pleaded, making my tone soft and even. Is it really necessary to kill peo canada goose jacket ple, Jacob? Isnt there some other way? I mean, if vampires can find a way to survive without murdering p canada goose jacket eople, couldnt you give it a try, too? He straightened

Jacobs slow, deep breathing was the only sound in the room–like a lullaby hummed to a child, like the whisper of a rocking chair, like the ticking of an old clock when you had nowhere you needed to go…It was the sound of comfort. If Romeo was really gon canada goose jacket e, never coming back, would it have mattered whether or not Juliet had taken Paris up on his offer? Maybe she should have tried canada goose jacket to settle into the leftover scraps of life that were left behind. Maybe that would have been as close to happiness as she could get. I sighed, and then groaned when the sigh scraped my throat. I was reading too much into the story. Romeo wouldnt change his mind. Thats why people still remembered his name, always twined with hers: Romeo and Juliet. Thats why it was a good story. Juliet gets dumped and ends up with

She whispered into my ear. Theyre interested in him–they think his talent could be uselul. Theyre going to offer him a canada goose jacket place with them. What will he say? I cant see that yet, but Ill bet its colorful. She grinned again. This is the first good news–the first break. Theyre intrigued; they truly dont want to destroy him–wasteful, thats the word Aro will use–and that may be enough to force him to get creative. The longer he spends on his plans, the better for us. It wasnt enough to make me hopeful, to make me feel the relief she obviously felt. There were still so many ways that we could be too late. And if I didnt get through the walls into the Volturi city, I wo canada goose jacket uldnt be able to stop Alice from dragging me back home. Alice? What? Im confused. How are you seeing this so clearly? And then

embarrassment, but they seemed sincere. Of course, Rosalie, I mumbled, grasping at any canada goose jacket chance to make her hate me a little less. Its not your fault at all. Im the one who jumped off the damn cliff. Of course I forgive you. The words came out like mush. It doesnt count until shes conscious, Rose, Emmett chuckled. Im canada goose jacket conscious, I said; it just sounded like a garbled sigh. Let her sleep, Edward insisted, but his voice was a little warmer. It was quiet then, except for the gentle thrum of the engine. I must have fallen asleep, because it seemed like seconds later when the door opened and Edward was carrying me from the car. My eyes wouldnt open. At first I thought we were still at the airport. And then I heard Charlie. Bella! he shouted from some distance. Charlie, I mumbled, trying to shake

pain. Jake… I took a step toward him. I wanted to wrap my arms around his w canada goose jacket aist and erase the expression of misery on his face. Edward pulled me back again, his arms restraining instead of defending. Its okay, I promised him, looking up to read his face with trust in my eyes. He would understand. His eyes were unreadable, his face expressionless. Cold. No, its not. Let her go, Jacob snarled, furious again. She wants to! He took two long strides forward. A glint of anticipation flashed in his eyes. His chest seemed to swell as it shu canada goose jacket ddered. Edward pushed me behind himself, wheeling to face Jacob. No! Edward–! ISABELLA SWAN! Come on! Charlies mad! My voice was panicked, but not because of Charlie now. Hurry! I tugged on him and he relaxed a little. He pulled me back slowly, always keeping

was really no problem on that count. The phone wasnt any help; Jacob had refused to answer my phone calls since Edwards return. Besides, I needed to see him - see him smiling again the way he use canada goose jacket d to. I needed to replace that aw canada goose jacket ful last memory of his face warped and twisted by pain if I was ever going to have any peace of mind. I had an hour probably. I could make a quick run down to La Push and be back before Edward realized I had gone. It was past my curfew, but would Charlie really care about that when Edward wasnt involved? One way to find out. I grabbed my jacket and shoved my arms through the sleeves as I ran down the stairs. Charlie looked up from the game, instantly suspicious. You care if I go see Jake tonight? I asked breathlessly. I wont stay long. As soon as I said Jakes name,

hadnt gotten in our way last Saturday . . . ugh! he groaned. We could have had her! His fists clenched into angry balls. I flinched. As much as I worried about Jasper or Emmett getting hurt, it was nothing like the panic I felt at the idea of Jacob going up against Victoria. Emmett and Jasper were the closest thing to indestructible I could imagine. Jacob was still war canada goose jacket m, still comparatively human. Mortal. I thought of Jacob facing Victoria, her brilliant hair blowing around her oddly feline face . . . and shuddered. Jacob looked up at me with a curious expression. But isnt it like that for you all the time? Having him in your head? Oh, no. Edwards never in my head. He only wishes. Jacobs expression became confused. He cant hear me, I explained, my voice a tiny bit smug from old canada goose jacket habit. Im

drive a wedge between us. I rested my head against his chest canada goose jacket and closed my eyes, totally content. So, he murmured in a casual tone. Did you make plans to go back to La Push again soon? I didnt answer. His question brought back the memory of Jacobs words, and my throat was suddenly tight. He misread my silence and the tension in my body. Just so that I can make my own plans, he explained quickly. I dont want you to feel like you have to hurry back because Im sitting around waiting for you. No, I said in a voice that sounded strange to me. I dont have plans go back. Oh. You dont have to do that for me. I dont think Im welcome anymore, I whispered. Did you run over someones cat? he asked lightly. I knew he didnt want to force the story out of me, but I coul canada goose jacket d hear the curiosity burning behind