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sight, I dropped to the floor and put my head between my knees. Should I go after Charlie? What would I say? And what about Jacob? Jacob was my best friend; I needed to warn him. If he really was a–I cri canada goose jacket kids nged and forced myself to think the word–werewolf and I knew it was tr canada goose jacket kids ue, I could feel it, then people would be shooting at him! I needed to tell him and his friends that people would try to kill them if they went running around like gigantic wolves. I needed to tell them to stop. They had to stop! Charlie was out there in the woods. Would they care about that? I wondered… Up until now, only strangers had disappeared. Did that mean anything, or was it just chance? I needed to believe that Jacob, at least, would care about that. Either way, I had to warn him. Or… did I? Jacob was my best

current wouldnt let up. It was slamming me against more rocks; they beat against the center of my back sharply, rhythmically, pushing the water f canada goose jacket kids rom my lungs. It gushed out in amazing volume, absolute torrents pouring from my mouth and nose. The salt burned and my lungs burned and my throat was too full of water to catch a breath and the rocks were hurting my back. Somehow I stayed in one place, though the waves still heaved around me. I couldnt see anything but water everywhere, reaching for my face. Breathe! a voice, wi canada goose jacket kids ld with anxiety, ordered, and I felt a cruel stab of pain wher I recognized the voice–because it wasnt Edwards. I could not obey. The waterfall pouring from my mouth didnt stop long enough for me to catch a breath. The black, icy water filled my chest, burning. The rock

as hed left me had canceled all that out–forcefully. If he were listening, she explained. But believe it or not, its possible to lie with your thoughts. If you had died, I would still try to stop him. And I would be thinking shes alive, shes alive as hard as I could. He knows that. I ground my teeth in mute frustratio canada goose jacket kids n. If there were any way to do this without you, Bella, I wouldnt be endan canada goose jacket kids gering you like this. Its very wrong of me. Dont be stupid. Im the last thing you should be worrying about. I shook my head impatiently. Tell me what you meant, about hating to lie to Jasper. She smiled a grim smile. I promised him I would get out before they killed me, too. Its not something I can guarantee–not by a long shot. She raised her eyebrows, as if willing me to take the danger more seriously.

he just felt guilty for where we were and relieved that he wasnt responsible for my death. Maybe the time apart had been enough that I didnt bore him for the moment. But it didnt matter. I was so much happier pretending. I lay quiet in his arms, re-memorizing his face, pretending… He stared at my face like he was doing the same, while he and Alice discussed how to get home. Their voices were so quick and low that I knew Gia canada goose jacket kids nna couldnt understand. I missed half of it myself. It sounded like more theft would be involved, though. I wondered idly if the yellow Porsche had made it back to its o canada goose jacket kids wner yet. What was all that talk about singers? Alice asked at one point. La tua cantante, Edward said. His voice made the words into music. Yes, that, Alice said, and I concentrated for a moment. Id

forward again, down my street, but he passed the house and parked by the edge of the trees. What did I do? I gasped. Edward glanced back at Charlies house. I followed his gaze, and noticed for the first time what was parked in the driveway next to the cruiser. Shiny, bright red, impossible to miss. My motorcycle, flaunting itself in the driveway. Edward had said that Charlie was ready to kill me, so he must know canada goose jacket kids that–that it was mine. There was only one person who could be behind this treachery. No! I gasped. Why? Why would Jacob do this to me? The sting of betrayal washed through me. I had trusted Jacob implicitly–trusted him with every single secret I had. He was supposed to be my safe harbor–the person I could always rely on. canada goose jacket kids Of course things were strained right now, but I didnt

the question! Charlie was abruptly in a rage, shouting the words. Why? Edward asked, his voice saturated with innocent surprise. You just said it was a good idea for her to see her mother. Charlie ignored him. Youre not going anywhere with him, young lady! he yelled. I spun around and he was jabbing a finger at me. Anger pulsed through me automatically, an instinctive reaction to his tone. Im not a child, Da canada goose jacket kids d. And Im not grounded anymore, remember? Oh yes, you are. Starting now. For what?! Because I said so. Do I need to remind you that Im a legal adult, Charlie canada goose jacket kids ? This is my house - you follow my rules! My glare turned icy. If thats how you want it. Do you want me to move out tonight? Or can I have a few days to pack? Charlies face went bright red. I instantly felt horrible for playing the

close, I could feel his warm breath. I reached up casually, to take his hand away and free my face, but wound my fingers through his so that I wouldnt hurt his feelings. He smiled and leaned back, undeceived by my attempt at nonchalance. So Mr. Ateara went straight to the other elders, Jacob went on. They were the only ones left who still knew, who remembered. Mr. Ateara, Billy, and Harry had actually seen their grandfathers make the change. When Old Quil told them canada goose jacket kids , they met with Sam secretly and explained. It was easier when h canada goose jacket kids e understood - when he wasnt alone anymore. They knew he wouldnt be the only one affected by the Cullens return - he pronounced the name with unconscious bitterness - but no one else was old enough. So Sam waited for the rest of us to join him. . . . The Cullens had

hear his answer. You wont be Bella anymore, he told me. My friend wont exist. Therell be no one to forgive. That sounds like ano, I whispered. We faced each other for an endless moment. Is this goodbye then, Jake? canada goose jacket kids He blinked rapidly, his fierce expression melting in surprise. Why? We still have a few years. Cant we be friends until were out of time? Years? No, Jake, not y canada goose jacket kids ears. I shook my head, and laughed once without humor. Weeksis more accurate. I was not expecting his reaction. He was suddenly on his feet, and there was a loudpop as the soda can exploded in his hand. Soda flew everywhere, soaking me, like it was spraying from a hose. Jake! I started to complain, but I fell silent when I realized that his whole body was quivering with anger. He glared at me wildly, a growling sound