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Victoria, I gasped as soon as I could catch my breath around the nauseous spasms. In my head, Edward snarled in fury at the name. I felt Jacob pull me up from my slump. He draped me awkwardly across his lap, laying my limp head against his shoulder. He struggled to balance me, to keep me from sagging over, one way or the other He brushed the sweaty hair bac canada goose canada k from my face. Who? Jacob asked. Can you hear me, Bella? Bella? She wasnt Laurents mate, I canada goose canada moaned into his shoulder. They were just old friends… Do you need some water? A doctor? Tell me what to do, he demanded, frantic. Im not sick–Im scared, I explained in a whisper. The word scared didnt really seem to cover it. Jacob patted my back. Scaled of this Victoria? I nodded, shuddering. Victoria is the red-haired female? I trembled again,

the tremors that were rolling through his body. Phase or get her out of here? he hissed at himself. He looked down at me for a split second, taking in my horror-struck eyes and white face, and then he was scanning the street again. Right. Get you out. The engine caught with a roar. The tires squealed as he spun the truck around, turning toward our only escape. The headlights washed acros canada goose canada s the pavement, lit the front line of the black forest, and finally glinted off a car parked across the street from my house. Stop! I gasped. It was a black car–a car I knew. I might be the furthest thing from an autophile, but I could tell you everything about that particular car. It was a Mercedes S55 AMG. I knew the horsepower and the color of the interior. I knew the feel of the powerful engine pur canada goose canada ring

backward as Alice zoomed around it. Im going to get you as close as possible, and then youre going to run in the direction I point you. I nodded. Try not to t canada goose canada rip, she added. We dont have time for a concussion today. I groaned. That would be just like me–ruin everything, destroy the world, in a moment of klutziness. The sun continued to climb in the sky while Alice raced against it. It was too brigh:, and that had me panicking. Maybe he wouldnt feel the need to wait for noon after all. There, Alice said abruptly, pointing to the castle city atop the closest hill. I stared at it, feeling the very first hint of a new kind of fear. Every minute since yesterday morning–it seemed like a week ago–when Alice had spoken his name at the canada goose canada foot of the stairs, there had been only one fear. And yet,

entirely canada goose canada complete without the sound of his voice. What have you been doing, up until three days ago? His face turned wary in an instant. Nothing terribly exciting. Of course not, I mumbled.Why are you making that face? Well… I pursed my lips, considering. If you were, aft canada goose canada er all, just a dream, thats exactly the kind of thing you would say. My imagination must be used up. He sighed. If I tell you, will you finally believe that youre not having a nightmare? Nightmare! I repeated scornfully. He waited for my answer. Maybe, I said after a second of thought. If you tell me. I was… hunting. Is that the best you can do? I criticized. That definitely doesnt prove Im awake. He hesitated, and then spoke slowly, choosing his words with care. I wasnt hunting fot food… I was actually trying my hand

mysterious wolves in the ever-rainy woods. . . .I prodded the noodles in silence, guessing that Charlie would get around to talking about whatever was bothering him in his own time. My dad was not a man of many words, and the effort he had put into trying to orchestrate a sit-down dinner with me made it clear there were an uncharacteristic number of words on his mind. I glanced at the clock routinely - something I did every few minutes around this time. Less canada goose canada than a half hour to go now. Afternoons were the hardest part of my day. Ever since my former best friend and werewolf, Jacob Black, had informed on me about the motorcycle Id been riding on the sly - a betrayal he had devised in order to get me grounded so that I couldnt spend time with my boyfriend and vampire, Edward Cullen - Edward canada goose canada

easily swayed. Sometimes it was a good thing, because not all of her ideas were practical. But it pained me to see how quickly she caved in to my trivializing, especially since she was dead right this time. She looked up, and I controlled my expression. Not silly - just being a mom. She laughed and then gestured grandly toward the white sands stretching to the blue water. And all this isnt enough to get you to mo canada goose canada ve back in with your silly mom? I wiped my hand dram canada goose canada atically across my forehead, and then pretended to wring my hair out. You get used to the humidity, she promised. You can get used to rain, too, I countered. She elbowed me playfully and then took my hand as we walked back to her car. Other than her worries about me, she seemed happy enough. Content. She still looked at Phil with

she turned to me and grinned ruefully. Thank you for d canada goose canada oing this, Bella, she said. From the bottom of my heart. Not only are you saving my hands from permanent injury, you also just spared me two long hours of a plot-less, badly dubbed martial arts film. She sighed in relief. Happy to be of service. I was feeling a bit less panicked, able to breathe a little more evenly. It felt so ordinary here. Angelas easy human canada goose canada dramas were oddly reassuring. It was nice to know that life was normal somewhere . I followed Angela up the stairs to her room. She kicked toys out of the way as she went. The house was unusually quiet. Wheres your family? My parents took the twins to a birthday party in Port Angeles. I cant believe youre really going to help me with this. Bens pretending he has tendonitis. She

search under my bed. Nothing but dust bunnies. I started to dig through my dresser. Maybe Id put the red shirt away and forgotten. I gave up when the doorbell rang. That would be Edward.Door, Charlie informed me from the couch as I skipped past him. Dont strain yourself, Dad. I pulled the door open with a big smile on my face. Edwards golden eyes were wide, his nostrils flared, his lips pulled back over his teeth. canada goose canada Edward? My voice was sharp with shock as I read his expression. What -? He put his finger to my lips. Give me two seconds, he whispered. Dont move. I stood frozen on the doorstep and he . . . disappeared. He moved so quickly that Charlie wouldnt even have seen him pass. Before I could compose myself enough to count to canada goose canada two, he was back. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me