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how I feel about you, Jacob. I was desperate, reaching, stretching the truth so far that it curved nearly into the shape of a lie. Maybe… maybe I would change, I whispered. Maybe, if you gave me some time… just dont quit on me now, Jake. I cant take it. His face went from anger to agony in a second. One shaking hand reached out toward me. No. Dont think like that, Bella, please. Dont blame yourself, dont think this is your fault. This one is all me. I swear, its not about you. Its not you, its me, I whispered. Theres a new one. I mean it, Bella. Im not… he struggled, his voice going even huskier as he f canada goose canada store ought to control his emotion. His eyes were tortured. Im not good eno canada goose canada store ugh to be your friend anymore, or anything else. Im not what I was before. Im not good. What? I stared at him,

how quickly they get out of hand. If you choose to stay with us, I cant make any guarantees about your safety. I wont hurt her, Jacob mumbled, looking down. Sam acted as if he hadnt heard him speak. If there was somewhere else you felt safe… I bit my lip. Where could I go that wouldnt put someone else in danger? I recoiled canada goose canada store again from the idea of bringing Renee into this–pulling her into the circle of the target I wore… I dont want to lead Victoria anywhere else, I whispered. Sam nodded. Thats true. Its better to have her here, where we can end this. I flinched. I didnt want Jacob or any of the rest of them canada goose canada store trying to end Victoria. I glanced at Jakes face; it was relaxed, almost the same as I remembered it from before the onset of the wolf thing, and utterly unconcerned by the idea of

honeymoon, but they were back now. Jasper was at Cornell, too, studying philosophy this time. And Alice had been doing some personal research, concerning the information Id accidentally uncovered for her last spring. Shed successfully tracked down the asylum where shed spent the last years of her human life. The life she had no memory of. My name was Mary Alice Brandon, she told me quietly. I had a little sister named Cynthia. Her canada goose canada store daughter–my niece–is still alive in Bilox canada goose canada store i. Did you find out why they put you in… that place? What would drive parents to that extreme? Even if their daughter saw visions of the future… She just shook her head, her topaz eyes thoughtful. I couldnt find much about them. I went through all the old newspapers on microfiche. My family wasnt mentioned often; they

and comparatively hideous. Jane nodded. Gianna. She continued toward a set of double doors in the back of the room, and we followed.As Felix passed the desk, he w canada goose canada store inked at Gianna, and she canada goose canada store giggled. On the other side of the wooden doors was a different kind of reception. The pale boy in the pearl gray suit could have been Janes twin. His hair was darker, and his lips were not as full, but he was just as lovely. He came forward to meet us. He smiled, reaching for her. Jane. Alec, she responded, embracing the boy. They kissed each others cheeks on both sides. Then he looked at us. They send you out for one and you come back with two… and a half, he noted, looking at me. Nice work. She laughed–the sound sparkled with delight like a babys cooing. Welcome back, Edward, Alec greeted him. You seem

of conviction. Of rightness. Some deep place inside me recognized truth.His words came out half-strangled. You… were… risking your life… to hear– Shh, I interrupted him. Hold on a second. I think Im having an epiphany here. I thought of that canada goose canada store night in Port Angeles when Id had my first delusion. Id come up wit canada goose canada store h two options. Insanity or wish fulfillment. Id seen no third option. But what if… What if you sincerely believed something was true, but you were dead wrong? What if you were so stubbornly sure that you were right, that you wouldnt even consider the truth? Would the truth be silenced, or would it try to break through? Option three: Edward loved me. The bond forged between us was not one that could be broken by absence, distance, or time. And no matter how much more special or

Youve done nothing wrong, Bella canada goose canada store . I took a deep breath. I need to make it better, Edward. I owe him that. And its one of Charlies conditions, anyway - His face changed while I spoke, turning hard again, statue-like. You know its canada goose canada store out of the question for you to be around a werewolf unprotected, Bella. And it would break the treaty if any of us cross over onto their land. Do you want us to start a war? Of course not! Then theres really no point in discussing the matter further. He dropped his hand and looked away, searching for a subject change. His eyes paused on something behind me, and he smiled, though his eyes stayed wary.Im glad Charlie has decided to let you out - youre sadly in need of a visit to the bookstore. I cant believe youre reading Wuthering Heights again. Dont you know it by

one would listen to me. Carlisle had said, There are seven of us, Bella. And with Alice on our side, I dont think Victorias going to catch us off guard. I think its important, for Charlies sake, that we stick with the original plan. Esme had said, Wed never allow anything to happen to you, sweetheart. You know that. Please dont be anxious. And then shed kissed my forehead. Emmett had said, Im really glad Edward didnt kill you. Everythings so much more fun with you canada goose canada store around. Rosalie had glared at him. Alice had rolled her eyes and said, Im offended. Youre not honestly worried about this, are you? If its no bi canada goose canada store g deal, then why did Edward drag me to Florida? Id demanded. Havent you noticed yet, Bella, that Edward is just the teeniest bit prone to overreaction? Jasper had silently erased all the

Rosalie sat silent for a moment - if my world seemed as baffling to him as Rosalies did to me? Rosalie sighed, and when she spoke again her voice canada goose canada store was different, the wistfulness gone. In Rochester, there was one royal family canada goose canada store - the Kings, ironically enough. Royce King owned the bank my father worked at, and nearly every other really profitable business in town. Thats how his son, Royce King the Second - her mouth twisted around the name, it came out through her teeth - saw me the first time. He was going to take over at the bank, and so he began overseeing the different positions. Two days later, my mother conveniently forgot to send my fathers lunch to work with him. I remember being confused when she insisted that I wear my white organza and roll my hair up just to run over to the bank.