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and whimpered, Yes. How do you know she wasnt his mate? Laurent told me James was her mate, I explained, automatically flexing the hand with the scar. He pulled my face around, holding it steady in his big hand. He stared intently into my eyes. Did he tell you anything else, Bella? This is important. Do you know what she wants? Of course, I whispered canada goose calgary . She wants me canada goose calgary . His eyes flipped wide, then narrowed into slits. Why? he demanded. Edward killed James, I whispered. Jacob held me so tightly that there was no need for me to clutch at the hole–he kept me in one piece. She did get… pissed off. But Laurent said she thought it was fairer to kill me than Edward. Mate for mate. She didnt know–still doesnt know, I guess–that… that… I swallowed hard. That things arent like that with us anymore.

through the frame. I knew the rich smell of the leather seats and the way the extra-dark tint made noon look like dusk through those windows. It was Carlisles car. Stop! I cried again, louder this time, because Jacob was gunning the truck down the street. What?! Its not Victoria. Stop, stop! I want to go back. He stomped on the brake so hard I had to catch myself against the dashboard. What? he asked again, aghast. He stared at me with horror in his eyes. Its Carlisles car! Its the Cullens. I know it. He watched dawn break across my face, and a violent tremor rocked his frame. Hey, calm down, Jake. Its okay. No danger, see? Relax. Yeah, calm, he panted, putting his head down and clos canada goose calgary ing his eyes. While he concentrated on not exploding into a wolf, canada goose calgary I stared out the back window at the black

now, as I stared at the ancient sienna walls and towers crowning the peak of the steep hill, I felt another, more selfish kind of dread thrill through me. I supposed the city was very beautiful. It absolutely terrified x canada goose calgary xxx me. Volterra, Alice announced in a flat, icy voice.20. VOLTERRA WE BEGAN THE STEEP CLIMB, AND THE ROAD GREW CONGESTED. As we wound higher, the cars became too close together for Alice to weave insanely between them anymore. We slowed to a crawl behind a little tan Peugeot. Alice, I moaned. The clock on the dash seemed to be speeding up. Its the only way in, she tried soothe me. But her voice was too strained to comfort. The cars continued to edge forward, one car length at a time. The sun beamed down brilliantly, seeming already overhead. The cars crept one by one toward the

at… tracking. Im not very good at it. What were you tracking? I asked, intrigued. Nothing of consequence. His words didnt match his expression; he looked upset, uncomfortable. I dont understand. He hesitated; his face, canada goose calgary shining with an odd green cast from the light of th canada goose calgary e clock, was torn. I– He took a deep breath. I owe you an apology. No, of course I owe you much, much more than that. But you have to know,–the words began to flow so fast, the way I remembered he spoke sometimes when he was agitated, that I really had to concentrate to catch them all–that I had no idea. I didnt realize the mess I was leaving behind. I thought it was safe for you here. So safe. I had no idea that Victoria,–his lips curled back when he said the name–would come back. Ill admit, when I saw her that one

had been allowed to see me only from seven till nine-thirty p.m., always inside the confines of my home and under the supervision of my dads unfailingly crabby glare. This was an escalation from the previous, slightly less stringent grounding that Id earned for an unexplained three-day disa canada goose calgary ppearance and one episode of cliff diving. Of course, I still saw Edward at school, because there wasnt anything Charlie could do about that. And then, Edward spent almost every night in my room, too, but Charlie wasnt precisely aware of that. Edwards ability to climb easily and silently through my second-story window was almost as useful as his ability to read Charlies mind. Though the afternoon was the only time I spent away from Edward, it was enough to ma canada goose calgary ke me restless, and the hours always dragged.

goo-goo eyes, and that was comforting. Surely her life was full and s canada goose calgary atisfying. Surely she didnt miss me that much, even now. . . . Edwards icy fingers brushed my cheek. I looked up, blinking, coming back to the present. He leaned down and kissed my forehead. Were home, Sleeping Beauty. Time to awake. We were stopped in front of Charlies house. The porch light was on and the cruiser was parked in the driveway. As I examined the house, I saw the curtain twitch in the living room window, flashing a line of yellow light across the dark lawn. I sighed. Of course Charlie was waiting to pounce. canada goose calgary Edward must have been thinking the same thing, because his expression was stiff and his eyes remote as he came to get my door for me. How bad? I asked. Charlies not going to be difficult, Edward promised,

made a face. I dont mind at all, I said, and then I walked into Angelas room and saw the stacks of waiting envelopes. Oh! I gasped. Angela turned to look at me, apologies in her eyes. I could see why shed been putting this off, and why Ben had wease canada goose calgary led out. I thought you were exaggerating, I admitted. I wish. Are you sure you want to do this? Put me to work. Ive got all day. Angela divided a pile in half and put her mo canada goose calgary thers address book between us on her desk. For a while we concentrated, and there was just the sound of our pens scratching quietly across the paper. Whats Edward doing tonight? she asked after a few minutes. My pen dug into the envelope I was working on. Emmets home for the weekend. Theyre supposed to be hiking. You say that like youre not sure. I shrugged.Youre lucky Edward

swiftly toward the kitchen. His eyes darted around the room, and he held me against his body as if he were shielding me from something. I threw a glance toward Charlie on the couch, but he was studiously ignoring us. Someones been here, he murmured in my ear after he pulled me to the back of the kitchen. His voice was strained; it was difficult to hear him over the th canada goose calgary umping of the washing machine. I swear that no werewolves - I started to say. Not one of them, he interrupted me quickly, shaking his head. One of us. His tone made it clear that he didnt mean a member of his family. I felt the blood empty from my face. canada goose calgary Victoria? I choked. Its not a scent I recognize. One of the Volturi, I guessed. Probably. When? Thats why I think it must have been them - it wasnt long ago, early this morning