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confused and appalled. What are you saying? Youre much better th canada goose aviator an I am, Jake. You are good! Who told you that you arent? Sam? Its a vicious lie, Jacob! Dont let him tell you that! I was suddenly yelling again. Jacobs face went hard and flat. No one had to tell me anything. I know what I am. Youre my friend, thats what you are! Jake–dont! He was backing away from me. Im s canada goose aviator orry, Bella, he said again; this time it was a broken mumble. He turned and almost ran into the house. I was unable to move from where I stood. I stared at the little house; it looked too small to hold four large boys and two larger men. There was no reaction inside. No flutter at the edge of the curtain, no sound of voices or movement. It faced me vacantly. The rain started to drizzle, stinging here and there against my

hunting vampires. Youll be careful, right? I asked, an audible lump in my throat. The boys burst into loud hoots of amusement. Everyone laughed at me–except Emily. She met my eyes, and I could suddenly see the symmetry underlying canada goose aviator her deformity. Her face was still beautiful, and alive with a concern even more fierce than mine. I had to look away, before the love behind that concern could start me aching again. Foods ready, she announced then, and th canada goose aviator e strategic conversation was history. The guys hurried to surround the table–which looked tiny and in danger of being crushed by them–and devoured the buffet-sized pan of eggs Emily placed in their midst in record time. Emily ate leaning against the counter like me–avoiding the bedlam at the table–and watched them with affectionate eyes. Her

werent part of the social circle that made the papers. My parents engagement was there, and Cynthias. The name fell uncertainly from her tongue. My birth was announced… and my death. I found my grave. I also filched my admissions sheet from the old asylum archives. The date on the admission and the date on my tombstone are the same. I didnt know what to say, and, after a short pause, Alice moved on to lighter topics. The Cullens were reassembled now, with the one exception, spending Cornells spring break in Denali with Tanya and her family. I listened too eagerly to even the most trivial news. She never mentioned the one I was most interested in, and for that I was grateful. It was enough to listen to the stories of the family Id once dreamed of belo xx canada goose aviator xx nging to. Charlie didnt get back until

in a better mood. Marginally, Edward agreed in a flat voice. I glanced at Edwards hard face, and wondered how his mood could have been darker before. Alec chuckled, and examined me as I clung to Edwards side. And this is the cause of a canada goose aviator ll the trouble? he asked, skeptical. Edward only smiled, his expression contemptuous. Then he froze. Dibs, Felix called casually from behind. Edward turned, a low snarl building deep in his chest. Felix smiled–his hand was raised, palm up; he curled his fingers twice, inviting Edward forward. Alice touched Edwards arm. Patience, she cautioned him. They exchanged a long glance, and I wished I could hear what she was telling him. I figured that it was something to do with not attacking Felix, becaus canada goose aviator e Edward took a deep breath and turned back to Alec. Aro will

beautiful or brilliant or perfect than me he might be, he was as irreversibly altered as I was. As canada goose aviator I would always belong to him, so would he always be mine. Was that what Id been tryin canada goose aviator g to tell myself? Oh! Bella? Oh. Okay. I see. Your epiphany? he asked, his voice uneven and strained. You love me, I marveled. The sense of conviction and Tightness washed through me again. Though his eyes were still anxious, the crooked smile I loved best flashed across his face. Truly, I do. My heart inflated like it was going to crack right through my ribs. It filled my chest and blocked my throat so that I could not speak. He really did want me the way I wanted him–forever. It was only fear for my soul, for the human things he didnt want to take from me, that made him so desperate to leave me mortal.

heart yet? Not all of us have photographic memories, I said curtly. Photog canada goose aviator raphic memory or not, I dont understand why you like it. The characters are ghastly people who ruin each others lives. I dont know how Heathcliff and Cathy ended up being ranked with couples like Romeo and Juliet or Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. It isnt a love story, its a hate story. You have some serious issues with the classics, I snapped. Perhaps its beca canada goose aviator use Im not impressed by antiquity. He smiled, evidently satisfied that hed distracted me. Honestly, though, whydo you read it over and over? His eyes were vivid with real interest now, trying - again - to unravel the convoluted workings of my mind. He reached across the table to cradle my face in his hand. What is it that appeals to you? His sincere curiosity

panic and tension in my body with his curious talent of controlling emotional atmospheres. Id felt reassured, and let them talk me out of my desperate pleading. Of course, that calm had worn off as soon as Edward and I had walked out of the room. So the consensus was that I was just supposed to forget that a deranged vampire was stalking me, in canada goose aviator tent on my death. Go about my business. I did try. And surprisingly, there were other things almost as stressful to dwell on besides my status on the endangered species list. . . .Because Edwards response had been the most frustrating of them all. Thats between you and Carlisle, hed said. Of course, you know that Im willing to make it between you and me at any time that you wish. You know my condition. And he canada goose aviator had smiled angelically. Ugh. I did know

Rosalie laughed without humor. I didnt notice Royce watching me particularly. Everyone watched me. But that night the first of the roses came. Every night of our courtship, he sent a bouquet of roses to m canada goose aviator e. My room was always overflowing with them. It got to the point that I would smell like roses when I left the house. Royce was handsome, too. He had lighter hair than I did, and pale blue eyes. He said my eyes were like violets, and then those started showing up alongside the roses. My parents approved - thats putting it mildly. This was everything theyd dreamed of. And Royce seemed to be everything Id dreamed of. The fairy tale prince, come to make me a princess. Everything I wanted, yet it was still no more than I expected. We were engaged before Id known him for canada goose aviator two months. We didnt