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very long, did it? I knew you could figure it out. Yeah, I remember the right story now, I whispered. It was quiet for a long moment and, though it was still too dark to see well, my skin prickled as if his eyes were searching my face. There must have been enough light for him to read my expression, because when he spoke again, his voice was suddenly acidic. You could have just called, he said harshly. I nodded. I know. Jacob started pacing along canada goose -40 the rocks. If I listened very hard, I could just h canada goose -40 ear the gentle brush of his feet on the rocks behind the sound of the waves. The rocks had clattered like castanets for me.Why did you come? he demanded, not halting his angry stride. I thought it would be better face-to-face. He snorted. Oh, much better. Jacob, I have to warn you– About the

Just a blurred wandering through old memories–blinding bright visions of the Phoenix sun, my mothers face, a ramshackle tree house, a faded quilt, a wall of mirrors, a flame on the black water… I forgot each of them as soon as the picture changed.The last picture was the only one that stuck in my head. It was meaningless–just a set on a stage. A balcony at night, a painted moon hanging in the sky. I watched the girl in her nightdress lean on the railing and talk to herself. Meaningless… but when I slowly struggled back to consciousness, Juliet was on my mind. Jacob was still asleep; hed slumped down to the floor and his breathing was d canada goose -40 eep and even. The house was darker now than before, it was black outside the window. I was stiff, but warm and canada goose -40 almost dry. The inside of my throat burned

was supposed to be a romance or a horror film. After an eternity, the plane began to descend toward New York City. Alice remained in her trance. I dithered, reaching out canada goose -40 to touch her, only to pull my hand back again. This happened a dozen times before the plane touched town wit canada goose -40 h a jarring impact. Alice, I finally said. Alice, we have to go. I touched her arm. Her eyes came open very slowly. She shook her head from side to side for a moment. Anything new? I asked in a low voice, conscious of the man listening on the other side of me. Not exactly, she breathed in a voice I could barely catch. Hes getting closer. Hes deciding how hes going to ask. We had to run for our connection, but that was good–better than having to wait. As soon as the plane was in the air, Alice closed her eyes and

private that I still felt the need to look away. Carlisle and Esme waited in a quiet corner far from the line for the metal detectors, in the shadow of a wide pillar. Esme reached for me, hugging me fiercely, yet awkwardly, because Edward kept his arms around me, too. Thank you so much, she sa canada goose -40 id in my ear. Then she threw her arms around Edward, and she looked like she would be crying if that were possible. You will never put me through :hat again, she nearly growled.Edward grinned, repentant. Sorry, Mom. Thank you, Bella, Carlisle said. We owe you. Hardly, I mumbled. The sleepless night was suddenly overpowering. My head felt disconnected from my body. Shes dead on her feet, Esme scolded Edward. Lets get her home. Not sure if home was what I w canada goose -40 anted at this point, I stumbled, half-blind,

; only his arms were shaking now. He scowled at Edward with pure hate. Ugh. I would never hurt her.Neither Edward or I missed the inflection, or the accusation it contained. A low hiss escaped Edwards lips. Jacob clenched his fists reflexively. BELLA! Charlies roar echoed from the direction of the house. YOU GET IN THIS HOUSE THIS INST canada goose -40 ANT! All of us froze, listening to the silence that followed. I was the first to speak; my voice trembled. Crap. Jacobs furious expression faltered. I am sorry about that, he muttered. I had to do what I could–I had to try… Thanks. The tremor in my voice ruined the sarcasm. I stared up the path, half-expecting Charli canada goose -40 e to come barreling through the wet ferns like an enraged bull. I would be the red flag in that scenario. Just one more thing, Edward said to

Please. In a minute, he said. Aw, p canada goose -40 lease, Dad? Im begging you. The embarrassing parts over, I promise, he assured me. I shot a glance at him, and was grateful to see that he looked more relaxed, that his face was back to its regular color. He sank down onto the sofa, sighing with relief that he was past the sex speech. What now? I just wanted to know how the balance thing is coming along. Oh. Good, I guess. I made plans with Angela today. Im going to help her with her graduation announcements. Just us girls. Thats nice. And what about Jake? I sighed. I havent figured that one out yet, Dad. Keep trying, Bella. I know youll do the right thing. Youre a good person. Nice. So if I didnt fig canada goose -40 ure out some way to make things right with Jacob, then I was abad person? That was below the belt. Sure,

finish his thought, and I sensed the story had gotten too personal to share. Poor Emily, I whispered. Poor Sam. Poor Leah. . . . Yeah, Leah got the worst end of the stick, he agreed. She puts on a brave face. Shes going to be a bridesmaid. I gazed away, toward the jagged rocks that rose from the ocean like stubby broken-off fingers on the south rim of the harbor, canada goose -40 while I tried to make sense of it all. I could feel his eyes on my face, waiting for me to say something. Did it happen to you? I finally asked, still looking away. This love-at-first-sight thing? No, he answered briskly. Sam and Jared are the only ones. Hmm, I said, trying to sound only politely interested. I was relieved, and I tried to explain my reaction to myself. I decided I was just gl canada goose -40 ad he didnt claim there was some

said. I didnt mean to make you unhappy. That wasnt nice. Actually, it was very, very nice. He took a deep breath. Arent you tired? I should let you sleep. No, Im not. I dont mind if you want to give me the wrong impression again. Thats probably a bad idea. Youre not the only one who gets carried away. Yes, I am, I grumbled. He chuckled. You have no idea, Bella. It doesnt help that you are so eager to und canada goose -40 ermine my self-control, either. Im not going to apologize for that. CanI apologize? For what? You were angry with me, remember? Oh, that. Im sorry. I was wrong. Its much easier to have the proper perspective when I have you safelyhere . His arms tightened around me canada goose -40 . I go a little berserk when I try to leave you. I dont think Ill go so far again. Its not worth it. I smiled. Didnt you find