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investigate… And then a familiar, husky calgary canada goose voice called from the dark shape. Bella! it hissed. Ouch! Damn it, open the window! OUCH! I needed two seconds to shake off the horror before I could move, but then I hurried to the window and shoved the glass out of the way. The clouds were dimly lit from behind, enough for me to make sense of the shapes. What are you doing? I gasped. Jacob was clinging precariously to the top of the spruce that grew in the middle of Charlies little front yard. His weight had bowed the tree toward the house and he now swung–his legs dangling twenty feet above the ground–not a yard away from me. The thin branches at the tip of the tree scraped against the side of the house again with a grating squeal. Im trying to keep–he huffed, sh calgary canada goose ifting his weight as the

good thing we heal, though. You cant go see just any doctor when youre running a temperature that should mean youre dead. No, I guess not. I thought about that for a minute. … And being so big–thats part of it? Is that why youre all worried about Quil? That and the fact that Quils grandfather says the kid could fry an egg on his forehead. Jacobs face turned hopeless. It wont be long now. Theres no exact age… it just builds and builds and then suddenly– He broke off, and it was a moment before he could speak again. Sometimes, if you get really upset or something, that can trigger it early. But I wasnt upset about anyt calgary canada goose hing–I was happy. He laughed bitterly. Because of you, mostly. Thats why it didnt happen to me sooner. Instead it just kept on building up inside m calgary canada goose e–I was like a time

kitchen. I waited to hear the front door open, but I heard nothing. I could hear the clock over the stove ticking, and I marveled again at how quiet hed become. What a disaster. How could I have alienated him so completely in such a short amount of time? Would he forgive me when Alice was gone? What if he didnt? I slumped against the counter and buried my face in my hands. How had I made such a mess of everything? But what could I have done differently? Even in hindsight, I couldnt think of any better way, any perfect course of action. Bella… ? Jacob asked in a troubled voice. I pulled my face out of my hands to see Jacob hesitating in the kitchen doorway; he hadnt left when Id thought. It was only when I saw the clear drops sparkling in my hands that I realized I was crying. calgary canada goose Jacobs cal calgary canada goose m

Aro said. Thats quite interesting. I realized, a second late, that Marcus was letting Aro know his thoughts. Marcus didnt look interested. He glided a calgary canada goose way from Aro to join the one who must be Caius, seated against the wall. Two of the attending vampires followed silently behind him–bodyguards, like Id thought before. I could see that the two women in the sundresses had gone to stand beside Caius in the same manner. The idea of any vampire needing a guard was faintly ridiculous to me, but maybe the ancient ones were as frail as their skin sug calgary canada goose gested. Aro was shaking his head. Amazing, he said. Absolutely amazing. Alices expression was frustrated. Edward turned to her and explained again in a swift, low voice. Marcus sees relationships. Hes surprised by the intensity of ours. Aro smiled. So

Alice muttered. Esme just glared at Edward. I straightened up in my chair, focusing. This was my meeting. All right, then. Edward has of calgary canada goose fered an alternative for you to consider, I said coolly. Lets vote. I looked toward Edward this time; it would be better to get his opinion out of the way. Do you want me to join your family? His eyes were hard and black as flint. Not that way. Youre staying human. I nodded once, keeping my face businesslike, and then moved on. Alice? Yes. Jasper? Yes, he said, voice grave. I was a little surprise calgary canada goose d–I hadnt been at all sure of his vote–but I suppressed my reaction and moved on. Rosalie? She hesitated, biting down on her full, perfect bottom lip. No. I kept my face blank and turned my head slightly to move on, but she held up both her hands, palms forward.

problem. I was sure he was right. Well see about that, I bluffed anyway. Hes still my friend. I could feel Jacobs note in my pocket, like it suddenly weighed ten pounds. I could hear the words in his voice, and he seemed to be agreeing with Edward - something that would never happen in reality. Doesnt change anything. Sorry.2. EVASION I FELT ODDLY BUOYANT AS I WALKED FR calgary canada goose OM SPANISH toward the cafeteria, and it wasnt just because I was holding hands with the most perfect person on the planet, though that was certainly part of it. Maybe it was the knowledge that my sentence was served and I was a free woman again. Or maybe it wasnt anything to do with me specifically. Maybe it was the atmo calgary canada goose sphere of freedom that hung over the entire campus. School was winding down, and, for the senior class

Fifteen minutes - thats all I had. But it should be long enough. It was only fifteen minutes to La Push, and surely I would cross the boundary line a few minutes before I hit the town. My truck roared to life without any difficulty. Alice coul calgary canada goose dnt have seen me doing this, because I hadnt been planning it. A snap decision, that was the key! And as long as I moved fast enough, I should be able to capitalize on it. Id thrown the damp flyers in my haste and they were scattered in a bright mess across the passenger seat - a hundred bolded captions, a hundred dark howling wolves outlined against the yellow background. I barreled down the wet highway, turning the windshield wipers on high and ignoring the groan of the an calgary canada goose cient engine. Fifty-five was the most I could coax out of my truck, and I

This time I believed. I felt the thirst, my hard skin; I saw my brilliant red eyes. Shallow as I was, I felt better when I saw my reflection in the mirror the first time. Despite the eyes, I was the most beautiful thing Id ever seen. She laughed at herself for a moment. It took some time before I began to b calgary canada goose lame the beauty for what had happened to me - for me to see the curse of it. To wish that I had been . . . well, not ugly, but normal. Like Vera. So I could have been allowed to marry someone who lovedme, and have pretty babies. Thats what Id really wanted, all along. It still doesnt seem like too much to have asked for. She was thoughtful for a moment, and I wondered if shed forgotten my presence again. But then she smiled at me calgary canada goose , her expression suddenly triumphant. You know, my record