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taking armed volunteers. Therere a lot of hunters who are eager to be involved–theres a reward being offered for wolf carcasses. Thats going to mean a lot of firepower out there in the forest, and it worries me. He shook his head. When people get too excited, accidents happen… Theyre g black canada goose oing to shoot the wolves? My voice shot through three octaves. What else can we do? Whats wrong? he asked, his tense eyes studying my face. I felt faint; I must be whiter than usual. You arent turning into a tree-hugger on me, are you? I couldnt answer. If he hadnt been watching me, I would have put my head between my knees. Id forgotten about t black canada goose he missing hikers, the bloody paw prints… I hadnt connected those facts to my first realization. Look, honey, dont let this scare you. Just stay in town or on the

thought briefly of the clichés, about how you were suppose to see your li black canada goose fe flash before your eyes. I was so much luckier. Who wanted to see a rerun, anyway? I saw him, and I had no will to fight. It was so clear, so much more defined than any memory. My subconscious had stored Edward away in flawless detail, saving him for this final moment. I could see his perfect face as if he were really there; the exact shade of his icy skin, the shape of his lips, the line of his jaw, the gold glinting in his furious eyes. He was angry, naturally, that I was giving up. His teeth wer black canada goose e clenched and his nostrils flared with rage.No! Bella, no! My ears were flooded with the freezing water, but his voice was clearer than ever. I ignored his words and concentrated on the sound of his voice. Why would I

Jasper to stop Emmett, why cant they come help us? Two reasons, she whispered, her eyes still closed. The first I told him. We could try to stop Edward ourselves–if Emmett could get his hands on him, we might be able to stop black canada goose him long enough to convince him youre alive. But we cant sneak up on Edward. And if he sees us coming for him, hell just act that much faster. Hell throw a Buiclc through a wall or something, and the Volturi will take him down. Thats the second reason of course, the reason I couldnt say to Jasper. Because if theyre there and the Volturi kill Edward, theyll fight them. Bella. She opened her eyes and stared at me, beseeching. If there were any chance we could win… if there were a way that the four of us could save my brother by fighting for him, maybe it w black canada goose ould be

that consideration as I did. And, with any luck, well still be alive tomor black canada goose row. Hopefully, I said uneasily. The outlook is quite good, Alice assured me. Shed been so quiet, Id almost forgotten her presence. Ill see Jasper in less than twenty-four hours, she added black canada goose in a satisfied tone. Lucky Alice. She could trust her future. I couldnt keep my eyes off of Edwards face for long. I stared at him, wishing more than anything that the future would never happen. That this moment would last forever, or, if it couldnt, that I would stop existing when it did. Edward stared right back at me, his dark eyes soft, and it was easy to pretend that he felt the same way. So thats what I did. I pretended, to make the moment sweeter. His fingertips traced the circles under my eyes. You look so tired. And you

driving. I would try… very hard… not to do that, Edward finally said. I stared at him with my mouth hanging open, but he continued to look straight ahead. We were paused at the corner stop sign. Abruptly, I remembered what had happened to Paris when Romeo came back. The stage directions were simple: Th black canada goose ey fight. Paris falls. But that was ridiculous. Impossible. Well, I said, and took a deep breath, shaking my head to dispel the words in my head. Nothing like that is ever going to happen, so theres no reason to worry about it. And you know Charlies staring at the clock right now. Youd better get me home before I get in more trouble for being late. I turned my face up toward him, to smile h black canada goose alfheartedly. Every time I looked at his face, that impossibly perfect face, my heart pounded strong

stopped in the middle of his little kitchen. Yeah? Did Bella ever tell you that my parents gave her airplane tickets on her last bi black canada goose rthday, so that she could visit Renée? I dro black canada goose pped the plate I was scrubbing. It glanced off the counter and clattered noisily to the floor. It didnt break, but it spattered the room, and all three of us, with soapy water. Charlie didnt even seem to notice. Bella? he asked in a stunned voice. I kept my eyes on the plate as I retrieved it. Yeah, they did. Charlie swallowed loudly, and then his eyes narrowed as he turned back to Edward. No, she never mentioned it. Hmm, Edward murmured. Was there a reason you brought it up? Charlie asked in a hard voice. Edward shrugged. Theyre about to expire. I think it might hurt Esmes feelings if Bella doesnt use her gift. Not

something. . . . Leah? I asked, surprised. Leah was Harrys daughter. Hearing her name sent an automatic surge of pity through me. Harry Clearwater, Charlies life-long friend, had died of a heart attack this past spring. His voice changed, became heavier. Yeah. Leah and Sam were high school sweethearts. They started dating when she was just a freshman. She was frantic when he disappeared. But he and Emily - Ill get to that - its part of the story, he said. He inhaled slowly, and then exh black canada goose aled in a gust. I supposed it was silly for me to imagine that Sam had never loved anyone before Emily. Most people fall in and out of love many times in their lives. It was just that Id black canada goose seen Sam with Emily, and I couldnt imagine him with someone else. The way he looked at her . . . well, it reminded me of a

what this will mean? He demanded suddenly. You do understand that, dont you? What will happen if they break the treaty? Well leave first, I said in a small voice. His eyes flashed open, their black depths full of anger and pain. There wasnt a geographic limit to the treaty, Bella. Our great-grandfathers only agreed to keep the peace because the Cullens swore that they were different, t black canada goose hat humans werent in danger from them. They promised they would never kill or change anyone ever again. If they go back on their word, the treaty is meaningless, and they are no different than any other vampires. Once thats established, when we find them again - But, Jake, didnt you break the treaty already? I asked, grasping at straws. Wasnt part of it that you not tell people abou black canada goose t the vampires? And you