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materialized out of the gloom when it was just a few feet away: a long bone-white dr black canada goose vest iftwood tree stranded deep on the rocks. The roots twisted up at the seaward end, like a hundred brittle tentacles. I couldnt be sure that it was the same tree where Jacob and I had had our first conversation–a conversation that had begun so many different, tangled threads of my life–but it seemed to be in about the same plac black canada goose vest e I sat down where Id sat before, and stared out across the invisible sea. Seeing Jacob like that–innocent and vulnerable in sleep–had stolen all my revulsion, dissolved all my anger. I still couldnt turn a blind sye to what was happening, like Billy seemed to, but I couldnt condemn Jacob for it either. Love didnt work that way, I decided. Once you cared about a person, it was

house until he walked through the door. The storm pounded against the roof. You can stay here, Jacob said as he dumped me on the short couch. I mean it–right here Ill get you some dry clothes. I let my eyes adjust to the dark room while Jacob banged around in his bedroom. The cramped front room seemed so empty without Billy, almost desolate. It was strangely ominous–probably just because I knew where he was. Jacob was back in seconds. He threw a pile of gray cotton at me. These will be huge on you, but its the best Ive got. Ill, er, step outside so yo black canada goose vest u can change. Dont go anywhere. Im too tired to move yet. Just stay with me. Jacob sat on the floor next to me, his back against the couch. I wondered when hed slept last. He looked as exhausted as I felt. He leaned his black canada goose vest head on the cushion

Edward, Im going to do my damnedest to get you back to Charlie, and I dont want any trouble from you. Do you understand that? Sure, Alice. She pulled back slightly so that she could glare at me. No trouble. Scouts honor, I muttered. She rolled her eyes. Let me concentrate, now. Im trying to see what hes planning. She left her arm around me, but let her head fall back against the seat and closed her eyes. She pressed her free hand to the side of her face, rubbing her fingertips against her temple. I watched her in fascination for a long time. Eventually, she became utter black canada goose vest ly motionless, hei face like a stone sculpture. The minutes passed, and if I didnt know better, I would have thought shed fallen asleep. I didnt dare interrupt her to ask what was going on. I black canada goose vest wished there was something safe

I bit my tongue against the flood of questions. My reasoning was probably flawed by exhaustion, but I hoped that by postponing the discussion, I could buy a few more hours with him at some later time–spin this out for another night, Scheherazad black canada goose vest e-style. So I kept drinking soda, and resisting even the urge to blink. Edward seemed perfectly content to hold me black canada goose vest in his arms, his fingers tracing my face again and again. I touched his face, too. I couldnt stop myself, though I was afraid it would hurt me later, when I was alone again. He continued to kiss my hair, my forehead, my wrists… but never my lips, and that was good. After all, how many ways can one heart be mangled and still be expected to keep beating? Id lived through a lot that should have finished me in the last few days, but it

Charlie might just send me to military school. But that wont keep me away from Edward. Theres nothing that can do that. What more do you want? Jacob kept his eyes on Edward I just needed to remind your bloodsucking friends of a few key points in the treaty they agreed to. The treaty chat is the only thing stopping me black canada goose vest from ripping his throat out right this minute. We havent forgotten, Edward said at the same time that I demanded, What key points? Jacob still glowered at Edward, but he answered me. The treaty is quite specific. If any of them bite a black canada goose vest human, the truce is over. Bite, not kill, he emphasized. Finally, he looked at me. His eyes were cold. It only took me a second to grasp the distinction, and then my face was as cold as his. Thats none of your business. The hell it– was all he

begged, jumping to my feet. Please tell me you are not trying to have a sex talk with me, Charlie. He glared at the floor. I am your father. I have responsibilities. Remember, Im just as embarrassed as you are. I dont think thats humanly possible. Anyway, Mom beat you to the punch about ten years ago. Youre black canada goose vest off the hook. Ten years ago you didnt have a boyfriend, he muttered unwillingly. I could tell he was battling with his desire to drop the subject. We were both standing up, looking at the floor, and fac black canada goose vest ing away from each other. I dont think the essentials have changed that much, I mumbled, and my face had to be as red as his. This was beyond the seventh circle of Hades; even worse was realizing that Edward had known this was coming. No wonder hed seemed so smug in the car. Just tell me

Love at first sight? But more powerful? My voice still sounded dubious, and he could hear that. Its not easy to explain. It doesnt matter, anyway. He shrugged indifferently. You wanted to know what happened to Sam to make him hate the vampires for changing him, to make him hate himself. And thats what happened. He broke Leahs heart. He went back on every promise hed ever made h black canada goose vest er. Every black canada goose vest day he has to see the accusation in her eyes, and know that shes right. He stopped talking abruptly, as if hed said something he hadnt meant to. How did Emily deal with this? If she was so close to Leah . . . ? Sam and Emily were utterly right together, two puzzle pieces, shaped for each other exactly. Still . . . how had Emily gotten past the fact that hed belonged to someone else? Her sister, almost. She

Thats debatable, he disagreed. This would be difficult on a couch. Cold as ice, his tongue lightly traced the shape of my lips. My head was spinning - the air was coming too fast and shallow. Did you change your mind? I asked breathlessly. Maybe hed rethoug black canada goose vest ht all his careful rules. Maybe there was more significance to this bed than Id originally guessed. My heart pounded almost painfully as I waited for his answer. Edward sighed, rolling back so that we were on our sides again. Dont be ridiculous, Bella, he said, disapproval strong in his voice - clearly, he underst black canada goose vest ood what I meant. I was just trying to illustrate the benefits of the bed you dont seem to like. Dont get carried away. Too late, I muttered. And I like the bed, I added. Good. I could hear the smile in his voice as he kissed my