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said quickly. I still dont see what youre accusing the... Cullens–wince–of. They left more than half a year ago. How can you blame them for what Sam is doing now? Sam isnt doing anything, Bella. And I know theyre gone. But sometimes… things are set in motion, and then its too late. Whats set in motion? Whats too late? What are you blaming them for? He was suddenly right in my face, his fury glowing in his eyes. For existing, he hissed. I w arctic program canada goose jacket as surprised and distracted as the warning words came in Edwards voice again, when I wasnt even scared. Quiet now, Bella. Dont push him, Edward cautioned in my ear. Ever since Edwards name had bro arctic program canada goose jacket ken through the careful walls Id buried it behind, Id been unable to lock it up again. It didnt hurt now–not during the precious seconds when I could hear

counter in the far corner of the kitchen. Hey, Bells, he greeted me cheerfully. He grabbed two muffins as he passed the table and came to stand beside me. Sorry about before, he muttered under his breath. How are you holding up. arctic program canada goose jacket Dont worry, Im okay. Good muffins. I picked mine back up and started nibbhrg again. My chest felt better as soon as Jacob was beside me. Oh, man! Jared wailed, interrupting us. I looked up, and he and Embry were examining a fading pink line on Pauls forearm. Embry was grinning, exultant. Fifteen dollars, he crowed. Did you do that? I whispered to Jacob, remembering the bet. I barely touched him. Hell be perfect by sundown. B arctic program canada goose jacket y sundown? I looked at the line on Pauls arm. Odd, but it looked weeks old. Wolf thing, Jacob whispered. I nodded, trying to not look weirded

with Jacob Black, Ive noticed a real improvement. She has some color in her cheeks when she comes home, some light in her eyes. Shes happier. He paused, and his voice was different when he spoke again. Hes a year or so younger than her, and I know she used to think of him as a friend, but I think maybe its something more now, or headed that direction, anyway. Charlie said this in a tone that was almost belligerent. It was a arctic program canada goose jacket warning, not for Alice, but for her to pass along. Jakes old for his years, he continued, still sounding defensive. Hes taken care of his father physically the way Bella took care of her mother emotionally. It matured him. Hes a good-looking kid, too–takes after his moms side. Hes good for Bella, you know, Cha arctic program canada goose jacket rlie insisted. Then its good she has him, Alice agreed.

made me claustrophobic. Only Edwards hand, soothing against my face, kept me from screaming out loud. I couldnt tell where the light was coming from, but it slowly turned dark gray instead of black. We were in a low, arched tunnel. Long trails of ebony moisture seeped down the gray stones, like they were bleeding ink. I was shaking, and I thought it was from fear. It arctic program canada goose jacket wasnt until my teeth started to chatter together that I realized I was cold. My clothes were still wet, and the temperature underneath the city was wintry. As was Edwards skin. He realized this at the same time I did, and let go of me, keeping only my hand. N-n-no, I chattered, throw arctic program canada goose jacket ing my arms around him. I didnt care if I froze. Who knew how long we had left? His cold hand chafed against my arm, trying to warm me with the

ceased–and I guessed that we werent far from the house. In fact, I thought I could make out the sound of the river rushing somewhere close by in the darkness. Well– I struggled to find the right way to phrase it. I dont trust myself to be… enough. arctic program canada goose jacket To deserve you. Theres nothing about me that could hold you. He stopped and reached around to pull me from his back. His gentle hands did not release me; after hed set me on my feet again, he arctic program canada goose jacket wrapped his arms tightly around me, hugging me to his chest.Your hold is permanent and unbreakable, he whispered. Never doubt that. But how could I not? You never did tell me… he murmured. What? What your greatest problem is. Ill give you one guess. I sighed, and reached up to touch the tip of his nose with my index finger. He nodded. Im worse than the

illnesses, Jacob would know the truth. For a moment, the idea of Jacobs certain revulsion overshadowed every other pain. Bella, Edward murmured, his face twisting when he read the distress in mine. Theres no hurry. I wont let anyone hurt you. You can take all the time you need.I want to hurry, I whispered, smiling weakly, t arctic program canada goose jacket rying to make a joke of it. I want to be a monster, too. His teeth clenched; he spoke through them. You have no idea what youre saying. Abruptly, he flung the damp newspaper onto the table in between us. His finger stabbed the headline on the front page: DEATH arctic program canada goose jacket TOLL ON THE RISE, POLICE FEAR GANG ACTIVITY What does that have to do with anything? Monsters are not a joke, Bella. I stared at the headline again, and then up to his hard expression. A . . . a vampire is doing

you werent here. Florida was a bad idea. He took the paper from underneath my hand. I wasnt about to send you off alone. With your luck, not even the black box would survive. That wasnt what Id meant at all; I hadnt thought of going without him. Id meant that we should have stayed here together. But I was sidetracked by his response, and a little miffed. Like I couldnt fly cross country without bringing the plane down. Very funny. So lets say my bad luck did crash the plane. What exactly were arctic program canada goose jacket you going to do about it? Why is the plane crashing? He was trying to hide a smile now. The pilots are passed out drunk. Ea arctic program canada goose jacket sy. Id fly the plane. Of course. I pursed my lips and tried again. Both engines have exploded and were falling in a death spiral toward the earth. Id wait till we were close

happened to me that time in Port Angeles, only no one was there to save you . I shuddered at the memory. Is that really all he told you? she asked. Yes, I said, my voice blank with confusion. Was there more? She looked up at me and smiled; it was a harsh, bitter - but still stunning - expression. Yes, she said. There was more.I waited while she stared out the window. She seemed to be trying to calm herself. Would you like to hear my story, Bella? It arctic program canada goose jacket doesnt have a happy ending - but which of ours does? If we ha arctic program canada goose jacket d happy endings, wed all be under gravestones now. I nodded, though I was frightened by the edge in her voice. I lived in a different world than you do, Bella. My human world was a much simpler place. It was nineteen thirty-three. I was eighteen, and I was beautiful. My life was